Blithe Spirit
By Charles Wright · Sep 13, 2000
Joanne Camp andDoug Stender in Blithe Spirit "I shall ever be grateful for the almost psychic gift that enabled me to write Blithe Spirit in five days ...
Anything Goes
By David Hurst · Sep 12, 2000
Chita Rivera To say that Chita Rivera defies all the laws of nature and the passage of time could well be the understatement of the new millennium. All of this seems ...
Berlin to Broadway With Kurt Weill
By David Finkle · Sep 6, 2000
Winther, Mittenzwei,Olsson, and Lisitza inBerlin to Broadway(Photo by Clara Aich) When Kurt Weill came to America from Germany in 1935, he changed the ...
The Cradle Will Rock
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Aug 30, 2000
Craig Smith and Jason Crowlin The Cradle Will Rock(Photo: Jonathan Slaff) There was a time in New York when theater really mattered. Plays reverberated with
High Infidelity
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Aug 29, 2000
Morgan Fairchild and John Davidsonin High Infidelity(Photo: Carol Rosegg) The only true infidelity in John Dooley's new play at the Promenade Theatre is that ...
Don Juan in Hell
By David Finkle · Aug 22, 2000
The late actor and playwright Robert Morley once defined good theater as four actors sitting on a divan, talking. By this measure, he must have counted as heavenly, despite its tit
Cyrano de Bergerac
By Charles Wright · Aug 22, 2000
Halfway through Act I of the first press preview of Aquila Theatre Company's vigorous new production of Cyrano de Bergerac, Anthony Cochrane, as the homely titl
Julius Caesar
By David Finkle · Aug 22, 2000
David McCallum as Julius Caesar(Photo: Michal Daniel) It's always smart to schedule a production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar--the current Public Theat
Give Him a Minute and He'll Do It Again, The Burden of Sunflowers, 3 x Pirandello
By Jason Anthony · Aug 22, 2000
Find the world of Off-Off Broadway theater a bit bewildering? Try the New York International Fringe Festival brochure. A Bhagvad-Gita of the avant garde, it presents a pantheon ...