Lone Star Love
Jay O. Sanders in Lone Star Love(Photo © Joan Marcus) Oh, how faces light up when people enter the John Houseman Theater and see a
Daniel MacIvor in Cul-de-Sac (Photo © Guntar Kravis) Leonard has lived on the same dead-end street for the last 15 years, but claims that he never made m
A Number
Sam Shepard in A Number (Photo © Joan Marcus) Do you believe in second chances? Salter made some parenting mistakes when his son, Bernard, was young.
Judy Kaye in Souvenir(Photo © Carol Rosegg) In the old joke that goes "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, kid, practice," the implication is that
Gem of the Ocean
Phylicia Rashad in Gem of the Ocean(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Waiting for Gem of the Ocean to begin and taking in David Gallo's not-yet illuminated ver
Modern Orthodox
Craig Bierko, Molly Ringwald, and Jason Biggsin Modern Orthodox(Photo © Richard Mitchell) Good actors -- bless 'em. And a grateful blessing to talented d
700 Sundays
Billy Crystal in 700 Sundays(Photo © Carol Rosegg) We feel confident writing that Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays is the funniest Broadway show about d
The Baltimore Waltz
David Marshall Grant and Kristen Johnstonin The Baltimore Waltz(Photo © Joan Marcus) It's hardly uncommon for family members to
Fully Committed
John Kuntz in Fully Committed(Photo © Lyric Stage Company) A few weeks ago, Boston-based actor John Kuntz was a cold-blooded Richa
Pacific Overtures
B.D. Wong in Pacific Overtures(Photo © Joan Marcus) From one perspective, the latest Pacific Overtures revival emerges at an opportune moment. The