Comfort Women
Tina Chen and Ji-young Kim in Comfort Women (Photo © Pavel Antonov) During World War II, roughly 200,000 Korean girls and young women were forced to beco
Carlos Uriona and Matthew Glassman in The UnPOSSESSED (Photo © Jonathan Slaff) A man emerges from underneath a large pile of books. Above him, another m
She Loves Me
Michele Ragusa and George Dvorskyin She Loves Me(Photo © Jerry Dalia) For lush musical-comedy romanticism, it's hard to beat She Loves Me. There i
Twelve Angry Men
Kevin Geer, Philip Bosco, Michael Mastro, Adam Trese,John Pankow, Peter Friedman, and Larry Bryggmanin Twelve Angry Men(Photo © Joan Marcus)
God's Daughter
Susanne Marley, Peter Brouwer, and Anne DuPont in God's Daughter(Photo © Kim T. Sharp) It's an interesting device, having a hard-b
TWO BROTHERS who are not brothers
Joe Thompson and John Jimerson in TWO BROTHERS who are not brothers (Photo © Richard Termine) At the end of the first scene in ...
The Playboy of the Western World
Tom Vaughan Lawlor inThe Playboy of the Western World(Photo © Tom Lawlor) Many plays have been called a riot, but very few have started one. John Millingt
Sin (A Cardinal Deposed)
John Cullum and John Leonard Thompson in Sin (A Cardinal Deposed) (Photo © Carol Rosegg) In recent years, documentary theater has become a powerful means
Rockaway Boulevard
Joseph Somma, Rosie De Sanctis, and Stephen Capone in a publicity photo for Rockaway Boulevard(Photo © Scott Brooks) On the eviden
Paul Lane and cast in Hair(Photo © Roberto Sanchez-Camus) With some shows, you really have to take the bad with the good -- and you don't mind doing so if