Cabin in the Sky
Leslee Warren and cast in Cabin in the Sky(Photo © Michael Portantiere) This has been a great week for seeing small productions of old, old musicals in NY
Strictly Academic
Keith Reddin and Susan Greenhill in "The Problem"(Photo © James Leynse) Strictly Academic, a pair of academically themed
Lisa Emery and Jennifer Dundas in Iron(Photo © Joan Marcus) For the mothers and daughters I know, early adolescence is generally t
Sherlock Holmes
Todd Waite in Sherlock Holmes(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) What becomes a legend most? In the case of the world's only consulting
Dave Gueriera, Scott Amen, Sean Blanco, and Chad L. Shiroin a publicity photo for Forty Deuce One night about 22 years ago, I found ...
The Two Noble Kinsmen
David Harbour and Graham Hamiltonin The Two Noble Kinsmen(Photo © Michal Daniel) Why is this play so rarely performed? That's wha
The Boy From Oz
Hugh Jackman in The Boy From Oz(Photo © Joan Marcus) What you've heard is true: Hugh Jackman is indefatigably entertaining in T...
Sinatra: His Voice. His World. His Way.
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many icons of American popular song I did not experience in live performance. I lived and worked in Greenwich Village during a ...
Will Bond in bobrauschenbergamerica(Photo © Richard Termine) About two-thirds of the way through bobrauschenbergamerica --
Sonnets for an Old Century
José Rivera, the Obie-winning author of Marisol and References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, employs an expansive, ecsta