The Gods Are Pounding My Head!
Jay Smith, T. Ryder Smith, and Charlotta Mohlinin The Gods are Pounding My Head!(Photo © Tom Brazil) "I have always felt that I am
Belfast Blues
Geraldine Hughes in Belfast Blues(Photo © Jonathan Christman) Sheila wanted to name her daughter "Debbie," after the actress Debbie Reynolds, but her husb
Fiddler on the Roof
Harvey Fierstein with Betsy Hogg, Sally Murphy, Alison Walla,Laura Shoop, and Tricia Paoluccio in Fiddler on the Roof(Photo © Carol Rosegg)
The House of Bernarda Alba
Allison Nichols and Eunice Wong in The House of Bernarda Alba (Photo © Matthew Shane Coleman) "To be born a woman is the greatest
The Medea
Zishan Ugurlu and Dima Dubson in The Medea (Video capture © Leah Gelpe) Director-adaptor Jay Scheib's The Medea seeks to b
Accidental Nostalgia
Cynthia Hopkins Photo © Jori Klein Cynthia Hopkins' Accidental Nostalgia is an inventive and thoughtful meditation on memory and amnesia. The show has me
Paula McGonagle and Andy Paris in Innocents (Photo Credit © Rachel Dickstein) "I am horribly poor -- and very expensive," says Li
Three Sisters
Amanda Boekelheide and Rebecca Hendersonin Three Sisters(Photo © Kelly Copper) There's only one reason to see Pavol Liska's production of Anton Chekhov's
The Pirates of Penzance
Hal Linden in The Pirates of Penzance(Photo © Lee Snider) Albert Bergeret is credited as stage director (and musical director and
Harold & Maude: The Musical
Eric Millegan and Estelle Parsons in Harold & Maude: The Musical(Photo © Jerry Dalia) The first sign of trouble with the musical ...