Anna in the Tropics
Daphne Rubin-Vega and Jimmy Smitsin Anna in the Tropics(Photo © Joan Marcus) Maybe the members of the Pulitzer Prize committee for plays are cigar smokers
As You Like It
Rebecca Hall, Joseph Millson and cast in As You Like It(Photo © Nobby Clark) In a spate of pre-opening interviews about his decisi
Euan Morton as Boy George in Taboo(Photo © Joan Marcus) Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ira Gammerman made quick work of the Rosie O'Donnell case when he
Bright Ideas
Orlagh Cassidy, Paul Fitzgerald, and Seana Kofoed in Bright Ideas(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) When you write an unsuccessful play and
Adam Rapp Festival
Nocturne(Photo © Steve Hankins) Playwright Adam Rapp does a fascinating if uneven job of giving voice to the lives of disassociate
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Kerry O'Malley and Deven Mayin A Tree Grows in Brooklyn(Photo © Diane Sobolewski) When an outfit such as the Goodspeed Opera House announces a "revisal" o
Fame on 42nd Street
The cast of Fame on 42nd Street(Photo © Carol Rosegg) We're living in the boldface-name age, an era when people are famous for bei
Michele Pawk, Howard McGillin, and Richard Kind in Bounce(Photo © Liz Lauren) It's almost impossible to be "objective" in reviewin
The Caretaker
Kyle MacLachlan, Aidan Gillen, and Patrick Stewart in The Caretaker(Photo © Joan Marcus) Harold Pinter writes his plays with preci
Like I Say
Paula Ehrenberg and Matthew Dellapinain Like I Say(Photo © Terry Gruber) It's no news flash that, for many authors, writing is therapy. Nor is it news tha