FringeNYC Roundup #3
Erica Ash and Daniel Zaitchik inYoung Zombies in Love(Photo © Anisha Narasimhan) Young Zombies in Love Young Zombies in Love may not be a g
The Loves of Shakespeare's Women
Susannah York inThe Loves of Shakespeare's Women(Photo © Roger Llewellyn) When Susannah York was introduced to movie audiences in The Greengage Summer
FringeNYC Roundup #2
Ian Pfister (front) and Zack Calhoon (back) in You'll Have Had Your Hole You'll Have Had Your Hole Most people know of Irvine
Dracula, the Musical
Tom Hewitt and Melissa Errico inDracula, the Musical(Photo © Joan Marcus) A Bram Stoker fan might wonder how the prolific author, once a drama critic for
Where's Charley?
Noah Racey, Nili Bassman, and Kristin Huxholdin Where's Charley? (Photo © Diane Sobolewski) In a program note for the Goodspeed Mu
FringeNYC Roundup #1
Steven Fales inConfessions of a Mormon Boy(Photo © Pedro Portal) Confessions of a Mormon Boy Steven Fales has a great smile. In his solo performan
Brian Dykstra: Cornered & Alone
Brian Dykstra: Cornered & Alone(Photo © Gary Smoot) As the Republican National Convention approaches, more and more of the city's ...
Let's Put On A Show!
Jan and Mickey Rooney in Let's Put On A Show!(Photo © Judie Burstein/Globe Photos) Was Mickey Rooney the 20th century's most talen
The Triple Happiness
Ally Sheedy and Keith Nobbs in The Triple Happiness(Photo © Joan Marcus) Nostalgia for the 1980s runs rampant in Brooke Berman's
Wonder of the World
Molly Binder, Devon Campailla, and Chris Guthriein Wonder of the World(Photo © James Czar) Cincinnati's Know Theatre Tribe, best k