Altar Boyz
Tyler Maynard, Ryan Duncan, Scott Porter, David Josefsberg,and Andy Karl in Altar Boyz(Photo © Carol Rosegg) It's not often that a
Keith Nobbs and Bob Balaban in Romance(Photo © Gerry Goodstein) Perhaps when David Mamet was young, he got a huge jolt from Lau...
A Man's Best Friend
Tom Lenaghen in A Man's Best Friend (Photo © Katherine Owens) A veritable flood of circuses, vaudevilles, burlesques, freak show
After Ashley
Grant Shaud and Kieran Culkin in After Ashley(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Sometimes you want to say "See here!" to a playwright who hasn't marshaled her obvious
The Shooting Stage
Noah Peters and Hunter Gilmore in The Shooting Stage(Photo © Joe LaRue) Poor Elliot (Hunter Gilmore): He just wants to dress up in
Oksana Lada in Pentecost(Photo © Joan Marcus) If Tony Kushner's Angels in America is arguably the best American play of the
Jason Dula, Lauren Shealy, Jeanne Lehman, Jane Bodle, andSteve Routman in Lingoland(Photo © Carol Rosegg) On the walls in the lobb
The Controversy of Valladolid
Steven Skybell and Gerry Bamman in The Controversy of Valladolid (Photo © Michal Daniel) After seeing The Controversy of Valladolid, a friend of m
Kevin T. Moore and Nicola Barber in Jabu(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) Elizabeth Swados's concerted attempts to be more pretentious than
Alvin Epstein and Kathryn Grody in Endgame Photo © Carol Rosegg Well-known actors have grabbed most of the media attention surrou