Time and Again
By David Finkle · Jan 31, 2001
Laura Benanti and Lewis Clealein Time and Again(Photo: Joan Marcus) Any New Yorker who has read Time and Again, Jack Finney's 1970 vibrant novel of ...
Dido, Queen of Carthage
By Dan Bacalzo · Jan 29, 2001
Nicole Halmos and Adrian La Tourellein Dido, Queen of Carthage. (Photo: Paula Court) Cupid, god of love, sings without moving his lips. In the background, mu
More Lies About Jerzy
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jan 26, 2001
Jared Harris and Gretchen Egolfin More Lies About Jerzy. (Photo: Carol Rosegg) It isn't just trapeze artists who walk the high wire. Storytellers do it all
Resident Alien
By Ricky Spears · Jan 25, 2001
Bette Bourne in Resident Alien(Photo: Joan Marcus) What an incredible, larger-than-life story there is behind Resident Alien, the heartfelt, one man ...
Night and Day
By Brooke Pierce · Jan 24, 2001
Angela Madden and Jolie Garrettin Night and Day. Set in a jungle manor in the embattled African nation of Kambawe, Night and Day begins with a pair of ...
The Complete Lost Works of Samuel Beckett ...
By Dan Bacalzo · Jan 24, 2001
Danny Thompson with Happy Happy Bunny and Sad Sad Owl. The performance begins in a trash can. Ushers direct you to pick up a crumpled piece of paper (the show's p
Killers and Other Family
By David Finkle · Jan 19, 2001
Ana Reeder and Dan Snookin Killers and Other Family(Photo: Andrew French) What Lucy Thurber seems to be saying in Killers and Other Family, her ...
The White Devil
By David Finkle · Jan 17, 2001
Angie Milliken and Marcus Grahamin The White Devil(Photo: Tracey Schramm) A naked, middle-aged man, hairy and distraught, runs out from between upstage panels ...
The Wax
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jan 12, 2001
Frank Wood (center) and company in The Wax(Photo: Joan Marcus) When you open the Playbill for Kathleen Tolan's The Wax at ...
Fiddler Sub-Terrain
By Brooke Pierce · Jan 11, 2001
Fiddler Sub-Terrain Most Americans are at least somewhat aware of the uncomfortable relationship that the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec has wit