Breath, Boom
By Adam Klasfeld · Jun 26, 2001
Yvette Ganier in Breath, Boom(Photo: Carol Rosegg) "You ever see the Fourth [of July]? Everybody's happy," meditates Prix, whose life Breath, Boom ...
World of Mirth
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jun 26, 2001
Kieran Campion, Angela Gots,and Mark Johannes in World of Mirth(Photo: Carol Rosegg) You'll be hard-pressed to find a bleaker play this season than Murphy G
A Ghost Sonata
By David Finkle · Jun 26, 2001
A Ghost Sonata(Photo: Bengt Wanselius) Ever since it premiered in 1907, August Strindberg's late chamber play A Ghost Sonata has been considered ...
Measure for Measure
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jun 20, 2001
Daniel Pino and Sanaa Lathanin Measure for Measure(Photo: Michal Daniel) Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare's most fascinating plays because of ...
By Dan Bacalzo · Jun 18, 2001
Jeffery Reynolds and Hunyup Lee in Bitterroot(Photo: Tom Brazil) Bitterroot, written and directed by Paul Zimet for The Talking Band, opens with a s
I Sing!
By Adam Klasfeld · Jun 18, 2001
Jeff Juday, Meredith Zeitlin,and Michael Raine in I Sing!(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Most artists hate to be compared to other artists, because it undermines their ...
tick, tick...BOOM!
By David Finkle · Jun 14, 2001
Amy Spanger and Raul Esparza in tick, tick...BOOM!(Photo: Joan Marcus) A songwriter, frustrated at not getting a show of his on Broadway and complaining to ...
Chaucer in Rome
By David Finkle · Jun 14, 2001
Jon Tenney and Carrie Preston in Chaucer in Rome(Photo: T. Charles Erickson) Just when I was thinking that John Guare might have been an excellent scenarist ...
Kiki & Herb: Stop, Drop & Roll
By Dan Bacalzo · Jun 13, 2001
Kiki & Herb: Stop, Drop & Roll(Photo: Rob Roth) Justin Bond has to be one of the finest character actors currently performing. As on
The Woman in Black
By David Finkle · Jun 12, 2001
Keith Baxter and Jared Reedin The Woman in Black(Photo: Craig Schwartz) BOO! Did that scare you? Did you jump? I didn't think so, and now you know the ...