George Gershwin Alone
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 1, 2001
Hershey Felder in George Gershwin Alone "George Gershwin is the only songwriter I know who became a composer."--Irving Berlin ********************
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Apr 27, 2001
Joshua Park as Tom Sawyer(Photo: Joan Marcus) When the most engaging young actor on the stage of a new musical called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is our her
So Long Ago I Can't Remember... a divine comedy
By Dan Bacalzo · Apr 27, 2001
Adrienne Campbell-Holt and Brian Bickerstaffin So Long Ago I Can?t Remember "This is the first circle of Hell," yells a woman clad in black. Her voice is ...
The Gathering
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Apr 25, 2001
Hal Linden in The Gathering (Photo: Carol Rosegg) When The Gathering played Off-Broadway at the Jewish Repertory Theatre, its flaws were apparent. T
Uncle Bob
By Ricky Spears · Apr 25, 2001
Gale Harold and George Morfogen in Uncle Bob(Photo: Yasuyuki Takagi) Austin Pendleton's Uncle Bob has to be one of the most difficult, most macabre pl
Troilus and Cressida
By Brooke Pierce · Apr 20, 2001
Tricia Paoluccio, Tony Church, and Joey Kernin Troilus and Cressida(Photo: Ken Howard) Shakespeare's play about two lovers in a time of war--the Trojan War,
Bells Are Ringing
By David Finkle · Apr 20, 2001
Faith Prince in Bells Are Ringing(Photo: Carol Rosegg) The equivalent of the show curtain for Tina Landau's revival of Bells Are Ringing has the music
The Producers
By Michael Portantiere · Apr 20, 2001
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in The Producers(Photo: Paul Kolnik) There are at least two--perhaps only two!--ways to make ...
Lackawanna Blues
By David Finkle · Apr 19, 2001
Ruben Santiago-Hudson in Lackawanna Blues(Photo: Michal Daniel) Love given and returned is the irresistible theme of Ruben Santiago-Hudson's Lackawanna Bl
By David Hurst · Apr 18, 2001
In recent years, theater audiences have been subjected to such questionable spectacles as Stomp, Thwack, and Squonk. Although appropriately n