FringeNYC Roundup #1
All American Boy One-dimensional characters, insipid lyrics, and cheesy over-miked pop tunes do not generally make for an enjoyable
Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune
Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts:Stanley Tucci and Edie Falco(Photo: Joan Marcus) Desperation and depression are two states of mind that ...
A Different Man
Different Men: Jo Benincasa and Dared Wright (Photo: R. Goldstein) A Different Man suffers from a genre identity crisis. It starts o
Harlem Song
Queen Esther and B.J. Crosby in Harlem Song (Photo: Michal Daniel) If you've been looking for an excuse to finally visit the world famous Apollo Theater, he
Only the End of the World
Sandra Shipley and Michael Emersonin Only the End of the World(Photo: Bill Strong) The American theater has wrestled with the specter of AIDS in all manner of ...
A Little Night Music
Isn't it rich? John Dossett and Blair Brownin A Little Night Music(Photo: Joan Marcus) Washington, D.C. A Little Night Music, the final full-fledged ...
All My Sons
(l. to r.) Brian Hutchison, Daniel J. Travanti, Robin Pearson Rose,and Melinda Page Hamilton (in doorway) in All My Sons (Photo: Craig Schwartz)
Psychotherapy Live!
Lisa Levy plays doctor in Psychotherapy Live! She may not be a doctor, but she plays one on the stage. And for the price of admissio
I'm Not Rappaport
Frumpy old men. Judd Hirsch and Ben Vereen in I'm Not Rappaport (Photo: Patrick Farrell) Curmudgeons are a constant source of amusement for ticket buyers; c
Her Holiness:Alan Cumming stars as the Pope in Genet's Elle(Photo: Francis Hills) Alan Cumming as Pope? In the Art Party's production of Jean Genet's Ell