Richard Kind and Howard McGillin in Bounce(Photo © Liz Lauren) As portrayed in Bounce, Addison Mizner is a reluctant scoundrel while brother Wilson
The Threepenny Opera
Jesse L. Martin as Macheathin The Threepenny Opera(Photo © Richard Feldman) How do you revive a show by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill in the wake of Ur...
The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci
Mariann Mayberry, Paul Oakley Stovall, Louise Lamson, andAnjali Bhimani in The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci(Photo © Joan Marcus)
The Importance of Being Earnest
Louis Butelli, Richard Willis, and Kenn Sabbertonin The Importance of Being Earnest The program for the Aquila Theatre Company's The
Will Power in Flow(Photo © Joan Marcus) Hip-hop music has found its way into almost every walk of American culture; its influence can be found in the musi
The Pitchfork Disney
James M. Larmer, Victor Villar-Hauser,and Tara Denby in The Pitchfork Disney(Photo © Richey Fahey) There are some genuine delights to be had in The Pit...
St. Scarlet
Susan O’Connor and Rosemarie DeWitt in St. Scarlet (Photo © R. Lasko) Ladies and gentlemen, a sure-fire hit domestic comedy
Brighton Beach Memoirs
Michael DeSantis as Eugene Jeromein Brighton Beach Memoirs(Photo © Kathleen Fahle) Throughout its 77-year history, the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachus
St. Crispin's Day
Mayhill Fowler and Denis Butkusin St. Crispin’s Day(Photo © Sandra Coudert) It can be lots of fun to take something lifeless and revive it. The Ratt
Lesbian Pulp-O-Rama Gets Sweaty!
Emily Burton, Anna Fitzwater, and Maggie Burklein Lesbian Pulp-O-Rama Gets Sweaty! (Photo: Samuel Smith) If you think camp is all abo