Shequida's Opera for Dummies
By Brooke Pierce · Jun 4, 2001
Shequida's Opera for Dummies(Photo: Aaron Cobbett) Thank heaven for Shequida! If it weren't for her, we unwashed masses who can neither afford the Met nor ...
By David Finkle · Jun 1, 2001
Simon Russell Bealein Hamlet Short and stocky, the English actor Simon Russell Beale is physically right for character roles. Someday, he'll undoubtedly make ...
The Right Way to Sue
By Brooke Pierce · May 30, 2001
Kelly AuCoin and Jennifer Morris with "the baby" Ellen Melaver's The Right Way to Sue is a silly but surprisingly smart comedy about crazy Upper
Thief River
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 30, 2001
Neil Maffin and Gregg Edelman in Thief River(Photo: Susan Johann) The empty, abandoned farmhouse that serves as the set for Lee Blessing's impressive new pla
Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine
By David Finkle · May 29, 2001
John Spencer in Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine(Photo: Joan Marcus) As of his new Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine, Warren Leight, who won a Tony for Side Man
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 27, 2001
Dallas Roberts holding Nicole Pasquale in Nocturne(Photo: Joan Marcus) Welcome to group therapy at the New York Theatre Workshop, via Adam Rapp's Nocturne
By Dan Bacalzo · May 25, 2001
(L-R) Orlando Pabotoy and Anthony Ruivivar in Watcher (Photo: Nigel Teare) A wan light glows in the movie ticket booth, revealing a middle-aged woman with hau
See Bob Run
By Brooke Pierce · May 22, 2001
Playwright Daniel MacIvor made a splash last season with his sleeper hit Never Swim Alone. And Susan O'Connor, who had a small part in that show, now has a
The Missing Face
By Brooke Pierce · May 21, 2001
Kim Sullivan, Stephanie Berry,and Tobias Truvillion in The Missing Face(Photo: Jacqui Casto) Half of the two-play series "The Afri
Eat the Runt
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 18, 2001
[Ed. Note: Barbara & Scott Siegel originally reviewed Eat the Runt in its developmental production at Altered Stages last summer. N