Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
The Sounding Theatre Company has assembled a very capable cast and crew for its production of this Frank McGuinness play.
The cast of Falsettos(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) Quick, name a through-sung show that is considerably greater in quality than th
After the Night and the Music
David Finkle reviews this new program of one-act plays by Elaine May, Mike Nichols' erstwhile partner in comedy.
Julia Cho's play concerns a 14-year-old who considers her Asian face and figure a detriment.
EST Marathon 2005: Series A
The annual short-play festival features more heavyweight authors than usual this year.
Thrill Me
This musical by Stephen Dolginoff has a promising score but doesn't quite live up to its title.
Mortal Ladies Possessed
Linda Marlowe in Mortal Ladies Possessed (Photo © Eric Richmond) Linda Marlowe is a one-woman powerhouse in Mortal Ladies Possessed, a survey of
The Argument
Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros' play about a couple at a crossroads may lead to arguments among couples in the audience.
Dress Suits to Hire
Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw in Dress Suits to Hire (Photo © Eva Weiss) The current revival of Dress Suits to Hire features the same renowned act
Boston Theater Marathon 2005
Ciaran Crawford, Rick Park, and Irene Daly in "The Amazing Adventures of Captain Normal" (Photo © Súgán Theatre)