In her engaging new play, Wendy Wasserstein examines power and privilege in an academic setting.
Ashley Montana Goes Ashore in the Caicos
The Flea's star-studded show takes a look at the meaning of life -- and cell phones.
4.48 Psychose
Isabelle Huppert in 4.48 Psychose (Photo © Richard Termine) It's no wonder that Isabelle Huppert flexes her legs at the end of Sa
In My Life
Writer-director Joe Brooks has perpetrated a repugnant musical that deserves to close on opening night.
The Wild Party
The Blank Theatre Company offers a first-rate production of Michael John LaChiusa's gin-soaked, jazz-drenched musical.
Richard Barth and Bill Gross in Beowulf (Photo © Carol Rosegg) The Anglo-Saxon verse epic Beowulf is still very much in th
Absurd Person Singular
Alan Ayckbourn's play about three unhappily married couples gives new meaning to the term "kitchen-sink drama."
Jim J. Bullock and J.P. Dougherty in Hairspray(Photo © Chris Bennion) For some strange reason, Hairspray has come in for criticism by such disparat
A Soldier's Play
Second Stage Theatre's riveting revival of Charles Fuller's Pulitzer Prize- winner features a terrific ensemble cast.
Colin Stuart and Scott Cox in Crucifixion (Photo © Stephanie Temple) "Life is all about connections. You don't have to understand