Ray Liotta and Frank Langella in Match(Photo © Joan Marcus) "I love my life. I regret my life. After a while the lines blur and all it is is my life." So
Mrs. Farnsworth
John Lithgow and Sigourney Weaver in Mrs. Farnsworth(Photo © Fabrice Trombert) "It's a Watergate world these days," says a charact
LaChanze and Norm Lewis in Baby(Photo © Jerry Dalia) The original 1983 Broadway production of Baby wasn't exactly a success; it only ran for 241 pe
My Kitchen Wars
Dorothy Lyman in My Kitchen Wars(Photo © Joan Marcus) Set designers this year have been challenged as perhaps never before with kitchens. For Dorothy Lyma
First Lady Suite
Julia Murney and Mary Testa in First Lady Suite(Photo © Joan Marcus) By the time it occurs to you that Michael John LaChiusa isn't saying very much about
Sly Fox
Elizabeth Berkley and Richard Dreyfussin Sly Fox(Photo © Carol Rosegg) One joy of Larry Gelbart's Sly Fox is the fun that the playwright has in moc
Hannah & Martin
Melissa Friedman and David Strathairnin Hannah & Martin(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) "He has shown with his life that his thinking is ...
Meet John Doe
Ben Werling and Julie Granata in Meet John Doe(Photo © Andy Rothenberg) When the Shattered Globe Theatre Company secured exclusive
Sarah, Sarah
J. Smith-Cameron in Sarah, Sarah(Photo © Joan Marcus) Although this point is not made often in contemporary drama, some dysfunctional families strive to b
Lisa Kron and Jayne Houdyshell in Well(Photo © Michal Daniel) Lisa Kron, wearing a casual black outfit and a shiny helmet of rust-