The Blonde in the Thunderbird
David Finkle assesses Suzanne Somers' Las Vegas-style confessional show at the Brooks Atkinson.
Jamie Carmichael's debut play catalogues the bruises that accumulate among four early twenty-somethings who wear their hearts on their Ivy League sleeves.
Ana Gasteyer in Wicked (Photo © Joan Marcus) Imagine a nation that uses fear-mongering to cow its people and cynically exploits differences in color and
I La Galigo
Robert Wilson's latest work is a colorful if not very compelling pageant that can test the patience of the audience.
Walk Two Moons
TheatreWorks/NYC presents Julia Jordan's ambitious and often delightful new play for young audiences.
As You Like It
Lynn Collins and Brian Bedford excel in Mark Lamos's diverting production of Shakespeare's classic comedy.
The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow
This high-concept comedy provides lots of laughs but needs an idea to fully flesh out the concept.
Sir Antony Sher in Primo (Photo © Ivan Kyncl) In Primo, Sir Antony Sher's adaptation of Primo Levi's memoir If This I
Lady Windermere's Fan
Isabel Keating and Adam Rothenberg in Lady Windermere's Fan (Photo © Richard Feldman) In Lady Windermere's Fan, his first
Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy
Like the movie that it mocks, this production is short on substance but long on style.