I feel pretty: Donna Murphy as Helen (Photo: Andrew Kist) It's a big day for Helen of Troy...and a lousy one. After spending 17 years all alone in a hotel roo
Karen Kendal and Anthony Mackie in Talk (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Classical allusions and spirited dialogue are front and center in Carl Hancock Rux's challenging
Chicago Improv Festival
Chicago is the world's capital of improvised comedy, so it's perhaps unsurprising that the Chicago Improv Festival has swelled in a ...
The King and I
Carolee Carmello in The King and I(Photo: Jerry Dalia) No doubt about it: Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I is a masterpiece. I've always named ...
Mos Def and Jeffrey Wright in Topdog/Underdog(Photo: Michal Daniel) The names sported by the brothers in Suzan-Lori Parks's Topdog/U
Kelli Lynn Harrison, Kate Hess, Lee Rosen, and Amy Rhodesin a publicity photo for Apocalypso! William Donnelly's millennial comedy A
The Underpants
Kristine Nielsen, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, and Christian Camargo in The Underpants (Photo: Dixie Sheridan) The Underpants is a fine
The Graduate
Jason Biggs in The Graduate(Photo: Joan Marcus) When Mike Nichols made the landmark 1967 movie The Graduate, he was amazed at the audience response to ...
Fortune's Fool
Timothy Doyle, Frank Langella, and Alan Batesin Fortune's Fool(Photo: Carol Rosegg) In a season already notable for scenery-chewing, ...
J for J
John Ritter, Jeff Kober, and Jenny Sullivan in J for J(Photo: Rod Lathim) As the autobiographical J for J opens, we meet Jenny ...