A Naked Girl on the Appian Way
Richard Greenberg's comedy about an oddly functional famly is a mind-boggling blunder.
Theater District
Richard Kramer's play about a gay couple is tightly constructed, well conceived, and just a little too short.
In the Continuum
This entertaining and ultimately disturbing play concerns the impact of AIDS upon African and African-American women.
Tall Horse
This groundbreaking African show kicks off BAM's Next Wave Festival.
A Woman of Will
Amanda McBroom in A Woman of Will (Photo © Carol Rosegg) The daughter of a Hollywood actor occasionally billed in westerns, singe
Late Fragment
Nick Sandow and Jenna Stern in Late Fragment (Photo © George McLaughlin) A fairly recent event has been added to the age-old deba
This clever, tuneful musical needs further plot and character development in order to be worthy of more than a one-night-stand.
Cycling Past the Matterhorn
Shirley Knight returns to the stage in Deborah Grimberg's muddy mother/daughter drama.
Moscow Cats Theatre
Members of the Moscow Cats Theatre As far as I can tell, there are no Jellicle cats onstage at the Moscow Cats Theatre. But there are felines who could be ...
The Goodman Theatre production of this musical is a high-energy, high-kicking showcase for an exceptionally talented and appealing cast.