Sin (A Cardinal Deposed)
John Cullum and John Leonard Thompson in Sin (A Cardinal Deposed) (Photo © Carol Rosegg) In recent years, documentary theater has become a powerful means
Rockaway Boulevard
Joseph Somma, Rosie De Sanctis, and Stephen Capone in a publicity photo for Rockaway Boulevard(Photo © Scott Brooks) On the eviden
Paul Lane and cast in Hair(Photo © Roberto Sanchez-Camus) With some shows, you really have to take the bad with the good -- and you don't mind doing so if
The Downtown Plays
Ross Gibby and Maria Tucci in "PsycheIn Love," one of The Downtown Plays(Photo © Joan Marcus) The producers of The Downtown Plays, which
Babs Olusanmokun, Otto Sanchez, John Ventimiglia, and Tonye Patano in Ponies (Photo © George McLaughlin) Ponies, by Mike B
Laugh Whore
Mario Cantone in Laugh Whore(Photo © Bill Streicher) It would make sense for a review of the gleefully intense Mario Cantone to be printed entirely in cap
Brooklyn The Musical
Eden Espinosa (foreground) and the cast of Brooklyn(Photo © Joan Marcus) When Bette Midler was first scooting across stages in the
Cheryl David, Sam Wolfson, Gerry Vichi, and Bryan Fogel Photo © Carol Rosegg The cast of Jewtopia hams it up so much that it wou
Dirty Tricks
Judith Ivey in Dirty Tricks(Photo © Michal Daniel) Marthas and dirty tricks are in the news and in the ether these days. No need t
Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf in EVE-olution(Photo © Richard Termine) There are some artifacts so much of their time that