By Brooke Pierce · Jan 18, 2002
Josh Stamberg, Alison West, and Dominic Fumusa in Tape(Photo: George Xenos) Stephen Belber's Tape opens on two high school seniors named Vince and Jon,
Mostly Sondheim
By David Finkle · Jan 15, 2002
Barbara Cook Between the songs in her kinda terrific Mostly Sondheim celebration, Barbara Cook tells a few jokes of which she's the butt. In one, she recalls ...
Hobson's Choice
By David Finkle · Jan 11, 2002
Brian Murray in Hobson?s Choice (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Nothing suits a no-nonsense play like a no-nonsense production, and that's exactly what director David
Brutal Imagination
By Ben Winters · Jan 10, 2002
Joe Morton and Sally Murphy in Brutal Imagination (Photo: Carol Rosegg) What happened in Union, South Carolina in 1994 was one of those shocking incidents th
Maria del Bosco
By David Finkle · Jan 9, 2002
Funda Duyal, Juliana Francis, and Okwui Okpokwasili in Maria del Bosco (Photo: Paula Court) How many writer-director-designers are there who request the audi
Mrs. Feuerstein
By David Finkle · Jan 8, 2002
Daniel Ahearn and Maria O'Brienin Mrs. Feuerstein(Photo: Carol Rosegg) It's 1965, and Holocaust survivor Adele Feuerstein has taken a position at a small ...
Good Thing
By David Finkle · Jan 2, 2002
Alicia Goranson and Cara Buono in Good Thing (Photo: Carol Rosegg) It is rarely noted that when dramatists follow the standard advice to write about what t
By David Finkle · Dec 27, 2001
Kelly Hutchinson and Yusef Bulos in Homebody/Kabul (Photo: Joan Marcus) Although Tony Kushner insists that all plays are political, he is nonetheless our m
Summer of '42
By David Finkle · Dec 26, 2001
Kate Jennings Grant and Ryan Driscollin Summer of ?42(Photo: Kevin Byrne) Much of Summer of '42 takes place on the beach, which may explain why it ...
Little Ham
By Brooke Pierce · Dec 20, 2001
Carmen Ruby Floyd and André Garnerin Little Ham(Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg) 1936 Harlem is the setting of Little Ham, currently being presented b