Ashford & Simpson: Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
The R&B singing and songwriting duo showcase their 40-year career in an exciting evening at Feinstein's at the Regency.
The Treatment
Dylan McDermott and Portia give powerhouse performances in Eve Ensler's electricity-charged play about the horrors of war.
Matt Bogart, Jessica Boevers, and young Noah Galvin shine in this soaring world premiere musical about a troubled boy.
The Funniest Show in the World...
This new show by the Bacher Brothers is occasionally inspired but self-indulgent.
The Man Himself
Ami Dayan is fascinating in this monologue about religious extremism.
Summer and Smoke
Amanda Plummer's miscasting practically sinks Michael Wilson's otherwise beautiful production of Tennessee Williams' 1948 play.
Usher steps semi-smoothly into the role of Billy Flynn in this long-running revival, but the real reason to revisit it is the sensational Bianca Marroquin.
It Goes Without Saying
Bill Bowers' solo show about his life as a mime is refreshing, inspired, and instantly likeable.
WASPs in Bed
This would-be romantic comedy adds up to less than the sum of its parts.
Sarah Partridge: Songs For My Father
The statuesque songbird serves up a heartfelt and entertaining tribute to her late dad at the Algonquin Hotel's Oak Room.