Pardon My English
Jennifer Laura Thompson andBrian d'Arcy James in Pardon My English(Photo © Joan Marcus) Don't expect much from me in the way of illumination about the plo
Twentieth Century
Alec Baldwin and Anne Hechein Twentieth Century(Photo © Joan Marcus) Alec Baldwin is channeling John Barrymore and Richard Burton these days. Anne Heche
Johnny Guitar
Ann Crumb and Judy McLane inJohnny Guitar(Photo © Joan Marcus) Johnny Guitar is Nicholas Ray's stately-paced, low-budget western in which the squar
The Journals of Mihail Sebastian
Stephen Kunken inThe Journals of Mihail Sebastian(Photo © Raquel Davis) Mihail Sebastian, a Romanian playwright and novelist whose work isn't well known i
Yeardley Smith in More(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Yeardley Smith sounds an awful lot like Lisa Simpson. This is not surprising, since the actress provides the
Michi Barall (in background), Patrick McNulty, Ron Domingo,Aaron Yoo, and Paul Juhn in wAve(Photo © Ralph B. Pena) A note that cre
Silent Laughter
Jane Milmore, Billy Van Zandt,and the cast of Silent Laughter(Photo © Carol Rosegg) The title Silent Laughter refers to the silent films that Billy
Swoosie Kurtz in Frozen(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) The well-made play isn't in particularly good repute nowadays and hasn't been for some decades. One colle
Open Heart
Robby Benson and Karla DeVitoin Open Heart(Photo © Carol Rosegg) During the '70s and early '80s, when Robby Benson was making movies like Ode to Billy ...
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tony Bell, Vincent Leigh, and Jules Werner inA Midsummer Night's Dream(Photo © Manuel Harlan) In looking at Edward Hall's just about perfect all-male toyi