The Pajama Game
By David Finkle · May 3, 2002
Not at all in love? Karen Ziemba and co-workers in The Pajama Game(Photo: Gerry Goodstein) If The Pajama Game were being ...
That Championship Season
By Brooke Pierce · May 2, 2002
(l to r): Andrei Mignea, Michael Floyd, Scott Twilligear,Jim Williams, and Tristan Coal in That Championship Season In a city known ...
The Man Who Had All the Luck
By David Finkle · May 2, 2002
The Man Who Had All the Looks: Chris O'Donnell tackles Arthur Miller (Photo: Joan Marcus) Although you frequently hear that certain plays fare poorly with critics a
Into the Woods
By David Finkle · Apr 30, 2002
Witchy, witchy woman: Vanessa Williams in Into the Woods (Photo: Joan Marcus) "The light is getting dimmer / I think I see a glimmer," observes Stephen Sondh
Private Lives
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Apr 29, 2002
Alan Rickman and Lindsay Duncanin Private Lives(Photo: Alastair Muir) Just as clothes can make the man, so, too, can actors make the play. Noël Coward's
Family Stories: A Slapstick Tragedy
By Caroline Burlingham Ellis · Apr 26, 2002
Danielle Skraastad and Emma Bowersin Family Stories: A Slapstick Tragedy The North American premiere of Family Stories: A Slapstick
The Mystery of Charles Dickens
By David Finkle · Apr 26, 2002
Simon Callow explores The Mystery of Charles Dickens (Photo: Joan Marcus) Americans spending Christmas in England are often surprised that the seasonal celebr
By Dan Bacalzo · Apr 25, 2002
(l to r) Heaven Phillips and Peter Jacobs in Xtravaganza (Photo: Paula Court) Xtravaganza, the latest multi-media work from The
Blue Surge
By Ben Winters · Apr 23, 2002
Rachel Miner and Joe Murphy in Blue Surge (Photo: Michal Daniel) Policemen aren't really supposed to date prostitutes. You're probably not even supposed to m
My Lord, What a Morning
By Cooper Robb · Apr 22, 2002
Karen Gardner and Millicent Sparks as Marian Andersonat two different stages of her life in My Lord, What a Morning(Photo: Mark Garvin) ...