Dance of Death
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Oct 13, 2001
Helen Mirren and Ian McKellenin Dance of Death(Photo: Joan Marcus) August Strindberg is credited with being the father of psychological drama. His 1901 play
The Shape of Things
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Oct 11, 2001
Rachel Weisz and Paul Rudd in The Shape of Things(Photo: Joan Marcus) Mean and marvelous, Neil LaBute's The Shape of Things has ...
Puppetry of the Penis
By David Finkle · Oct 10, 2001
David Friend (top)and Simon Morley (bottom)in Puppetry of the Penis If Puppetry of the Penis proves nothing else--and it doesn't--it's that trivial ...
Reefer Madness
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Oct 8, 2001
Christian Campbell and Erin Matthewsin Reefer Madness(Photo: Joan Marcus) The 1936 movie upon which the new musical Reefer Madness is based is an ...
Rude Entertainment
By David Finkle · Oct 8, 2001
Peter Bartlett in Rude Entertainment(Photo: Joan Marcus) Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach, as written by Paul Rudnick and played by Peter Bartlett ...
Hedda Gabler
By David Finkle · Oct 5, 2001
Kate Burton and Harris Yulin in Hedda Gabler(Photo: T. Charles Erickson) It is unlikely that Henrik Ibsen's first audiences, watching Hedda Gabler in ...
The Spitfire Grill
By David Finkle · Oct 4, 2001
Garrett Long and Steven Pasqualein The Spitfire Grill(Photo: Joan Marcus) About a third of the way through The Spitfire Grill, the unlikely heroine, a ...
Castro's Beard
By Ben Winters · Oct 3, 2001
Christopher D. Roberts, David Hutson, Castro,Jeff Berry, and H. Clark Kee in Castro's Beard(Photo: Steven Vote) At this point, it's something of an open ...
The Late Henry Moss
By David Finkle · Oct 1, 2001
Ethan Hawke and Arliss Howard in The Late Henry Moss(Photo: Susan Johann) According to the Playbill, fight direction for Sam Shepard's ...
Shauna Hicks and Her '70s Mix
By Ben Winters · Oct 1, 2001
Shauna Hicks Shauna Hicks is on-stage for a little over an hour at the Triad Theatre, working her way through a treasure chest of 1970s pop music, and she doesn't s