Rounding Third
Robert Clohessy and Matthew Arkin in Rounding Third(Photo © Bruce Glikas) Richard Dresser's Rounding Third calls to mind
The Night Heron
Clark Gregg, Chris Bauer, and Mary McCann in The Night Heron(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Just before lighting designer Tyler Micoleau's
Anna in the Tropics
Onahoua Roridguez and Julian Acosta in Anna in the Tropics (Photo © Cristofer Gross) An evening of contemplation and language, N
He She Them
Tasha Lawrence and Judd Nelson in He She Them(Photo © Jeffrey Dunn) TV actors get no respect -- and after suffering through He ...
Days of Wine and Roses
Mac Brydon and Laura Siner in a publicity photofor Days of Wine and Roses J.P. Miller's Days of Wine and Roses really must have ...
Little Shop of Horrors
Hunter Foster, Kerry Butler, and Audrey IIin Little Shop of Horrors(Photo © Paul Kolnik) The battalion of producers responsible fo
The Secret in the Wings
Laura Eason and the cast ofThe Secret in the Wings(Photo © Michael Brosilow) In Chicago, any new show by adapter/director Mary Zimmerman is highly anticip
Henry IV, Part One
Gardiner Comfort, Jim Fletcher, and Austin Torelliin Henry IV, Part One(Photo © Richard Termine) If you judge a show by the number of people who walk out
Living Out
Kathryn Meisle and Zilah Mendoza in Living Out(Photo © Joan Marcus) In Living Out, Lisa Loomer has crafted an entertaining and thoughtful play that
Four Beers
Guy Boyd and Peter Maloney in Four Beers(Photo © Richard Termine) David Van Vleck's Four Beers is as direct and unaffected