Play Yourself
By Ben Winters · Jul 11, 2002
Elizabeth Marvel and Marian Seldes in Play Yourself (Photo: Joan Marcus) A first-rate performance by Marian Seldes is not nearly enoug
The Playboy of the Western World
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jul 3, 2002
Dara Coleman and Derdriu Ring in The Playboy of the Western World(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Riots broke out in Dublin when J.M. Synge's The Playboy of the West
Shoppers Carried by Escalators Into the Flames
By Brooke Pierce · Jul 2, 2002
Michael Shannon as Cass in Shopper CarriedBy Escalators Into the Flames (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Denis Johnson's new play has a lot to re
All Over
By David Finkle · Jun 28, 2002
Michael Learned and Rosemary Harris in All Over(Photo: Joan Marcus) One of the most interesting--yet least written about--recent ...
Galileo Galilei
By Jonathan Abarbanel · Jun 27, 2002
Eugene Perry as young Galileo shows off his telescope toSarah Shepherd, Mary Wilson, and Alicia Berneche(Photo: Liz Lauren) Those familiar ...
By Cooper Robb · Jun 25, 2002
Cherry Jones (center), with (l-r): Amber Allison,Cheyney Rives, Karen MacDonald, Stephanie Roth-Haberle, Hannah Bos, and Paula Plum in Lysistrata
Just Us Boys
By David Finkle · Jun 25, 2002
A publicity photo for Just Us Boys The use of the term "chorus boy mentality" as a pejorative may have no grounding in fact and may be brutally unfair when ...
Brecht on Brecht
By David Finkle · Jun 24, 2002
Pamela Sabaugh, Nicholas Viselli, and castin Brecht on Brecht (Photo: Carol Rosegg) The Jewish Wife, one of Bertolt Brecht's most affecting works, is a
By David Finkle · Jun 24, 2002
Bruce McCarty, Pippa Pearthree, and Neil Vipond in Endpapers(Photo: Joan Marcus) Thomas McCormack was for many years the chairman and ...
Thunder Knocking on the Door
By David Finkle · Jun 21, 2002
Chuck Cooper in Thunder Knocking on the Door(Photo: Joan Marcus) Ordinarily, a musical that contained as muddled a message about music, love, and self-...