Rude Entertainment
By David Finkle · Oct 8, 2001 · New York City
Peter Bartlett in Rude Entertainment(Photo: Joan Marcus) Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach, as written by Paul Rudnick and played by Peter Bartlett ...
Hedda Gabler
By David Finkle · Oct 5, 2001 · New York City
Kate Burton and Harris Yulin in Hedda Gabler(Photo: T. Charles Erickson) It is unlikely that Henrik Ibsen's first audiences, watching Hedda Gabler in ...
The Spitfire Grill
By David Finkle · Oct 4, 2001 · New York City
Garrett Long and Steven Pasqualein The Spitfire Grill(Photo: Joan Marcus) About a third of the way through The Spitfire Grill, the unlikely heroine, a ...
Castro's Beard
By Ben Winters · Oct 3, 2001 · New York City
Christopher D. Roberts, David Hutson, Castro,Jeff Berry, and H. Clark Kee in Castro's Beard(Photo: Steven Vote) At this point, it's something of an open ...
The Late Henry Moss
By David Finkle · Oct 1, 2001 · New York City
Ethan Hawke and Arliss Howard in The Late Henry Moss(Photo: Susan Johann) According to the Playbill, fight direction for Sam Shepard's ...
Shauna Hicks and Her '70s Mix
By Ben Winters · Oct 1, 2001 · New York City
Shauna Hicks Shauna Hicks is on-stage for a little over an hour at the Triad Theatre, working her way through a treasure chest of 1970s pop music, and she doesn't s
In On It
By Dan Bacalzo · Oct 1, 2001 · New York City
Daniel MacIvor, Darren O'Donnell in In On It (Photo: Lisa Kiss) Daniel MacIvor is a master at manipulating the audience. Seeing his
By David Finkle · Sep 27, 2001 · New York City
Kate Miller and Ty Jones in LOVE(Photo: Andrew Eccles) The only two characters in David S. Rosenthal's LOVE meet un-cute, and it takes them a while to ...
The Voice of the Turtle
By David Finkle · Sep 27, 2001 · New York City
Nick Toren and Elizabeth Bunchin The Voice of the Turtle When the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked on September 11, commentators opined that ...
As It Is In Heaven
By Brooke Pierce · Sep 27, 2001 · New York City
Alexandra Geis in As It Is In Heaven It would seem that the Shaker way of life was never destined to prevail. A society in which everyone behaves modestly, ...