Talk Show Confidential
Bill Boggs in Talk Show Confidential(Photo © Laura Penney) Actor, writer, newscaster, producer, singer... Bill Boggs has just abo
High Heels & Red Noses
The cast of High Heels & Red Noses(Photo © Maike Schulz) The beginning of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus's latest production, High H
Will Gartshore, April Harr Blandin, and Laurie Saylor in Allegro(Photo © Carol Pratt) It's tempting to say at the outset that Sign
James Saidy in Orestes(Photo © Benjamin Heller) Although there's nothing new about a playwright using the works of recent or ancie
Road House
Taimak Guarriello in Road House Photo © Nick Andrews There are several cool fight sequences in Road House (the official title is Road House: Th
The Architecture of Loss
Mia Katigbak and Will Marchettiin The Architecure of Loss(Photo © Joan Marcus) Julia Cho wasn't kidding when she chose The Architecture of Loss as
These Very Serious Jokes
David Greenspan and Will Badgettin These Very Serious Jokes(Photo © Paula Court) If it were not for David Greenspan, These Very Serious Jokes would
The Brothers Karamazov, Part II
Sorrel Tomlinson and J. Anthony Crane inThe Brothers Karamazov, Part II(Photo © Christopher Lukas) A dramatized tinkering with Fyodor Dostoevsky's late-19
Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience
Rachael Warren (right) and Miriam Silvermanin Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience Photo © T. Charles Erickson I wouldn't recommend attending Trinity
Rose's Dilemma
John Cullum and Patricia Hodgesin Rose's Dilemma(Photo © Carol Rosegg) According to some reports, Neil Simon blamed Mary Tyler Moore for not getting laugh