Anna in the Tropics
Dale Rivera and Charin Alvarezin Anna in the Tropics(Photo © Liz Lauren) Chicago's Tony Award-winning Victory Gardens Theater announced late last winter t
Cupid and Psyche
Barrett Foa and Deborah Lew are Cupid and Psyche (Photo © Aaron J. Mason) The famous mythological tale of Cupid and Psyche, about
Chekhov's Rifle
Craig Bachmann and Austin Pendletonin Chekhov's Rifle(Photo © Nick Andrews) The veteran character actor Austin Pendleton played Uncle Vanya in one of his
Dana Reeve, Roberta Maxwell,and Matte Osian in Portraits(Photo © Joan Marcus) Tragedy can beget art, and the painter in Jonathan Bell's new play Portra...
The Harlequin Studies
Doug Skinner and Bill Irwin in The Harlequin Studies(Photo © Carol Rosegg) One of the more laughable, as opposed to risible, image
Lady With a Lapdog
Elisabeth Waterston in Lady with a Lapdog(Photo © Ken Reynolds) Anton Chekhov's short story Lady With a Lapdog has that Rus
Far and Wide
Hans Tester and Kate Arrington in Far and Wide (Photo © Richard Termine) Vienna at the turn of the 20th century boasted some of
Bold Girls
Moira MacDonald and Paula Ewin in Bold Girls(Photo © Petra Liebetanz) As Rona Munro's Bold Girls unfolds with a certain amount of dramatic flair, i
Babes in Arms
Joey McIntyre leads Babes in Arms The Reprise! production of Rodgers and Hart's Babes in Arms is a pleasant outing featuring ...
The Nuclear Family
Stephen Guarino, Jimmy Bennett, John Gregorio,and Matthew Loren Cohen (with keyboard)are The Nuclear Family(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Improvisation is theat