The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?
By David Finkle · Mar 11, 2002
Mercedes Ruehl and Bill Pullman inThe Goat, or Who is Sylvia?(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Edward Albee's new play--and the first he has brought directly to Broadway ...
The Crucible
By David Finkle · Mar 8, 2002
Liam Neeson and Laura Linney in The Crucible(Photo: Joan Marcus) When Liam Neeson appeared in the Roundabout's 1992 revival of Eugene ...
One Mo' Time
By David Finkle · Mar 7, 2002
Rosalind Brown and Vernel Bagnerisin One Mo? Time(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Vernel Bagneris has decided to do One Mo' Time again, and nobody is going to ...
Long Day's Journey Into Night
By Jonathan Abarbanel · Mar 6, 2002
Pamela Payton-Wright and Brian Dennehyin Long Day?s Journey Into Night (Photo: Eric Y. Exit) Robert Falls, artistic director of the G
By David Finkle · Mar 5, 2002
The Midas Touch: Metamorphoses(Photo: Joan Marcus) [Editor's Note: Mary Zimmerman's production of Metamorphoses, which played ...
Murder on the Nile
By Brooke Pierce · Mar 5, 2002
That's one sinister minister:Nikos Valance joins Christine Karl on a trip down the Nile(Photo by Scott Wynn) Agatha Christie has a ...
The Last 5 Years
By David Finkle · Mar 4, 2002
Sherie René Scott and Nobert Leo Butzin The Last Five Years(Photo: Joan Marcus) One of those three-named guys who've frequently been touted as the New M
Necessary Targets
By David Finkle · Mar 1, 2002
Catherine Kellner and Shirley Knight in Necessary Targets(Photo: Joan Marcus) In order to create her startling (and by now phenomenal) ...
Into the Woods
By Diedre Johnson · Feb 28, 2002
Vanessa Williams in Into the Woods (Photo: Joan Marcus) "We've got a hit," said the press agent -- and how nice, after seeing Into the Woods
By Jennifer Vanasco · Feb 28, 2002
No Fortinbras, no pants: Guy Adkins is Hamlet at the Court. The startling first scene of the Court Theater's re-imagined Hamlet features the young pri