The Secret in the Wings
Laura Eason and the cast ofThe Secret in the Wings(Photo © Michael Brosilow) In Chicago, any new show by adapter/director Mary Zimmerman is highly anticip
Henry IV, Part One
Gardiner Comfort, Jim Fletcher, and Austin Torelliin Henry IV, Part One(Photo © Richard Termine) If you judge a show by the number of people who walk out
Living Out
Kathryn Meisle and Zilah Mendoza in Living Out(Photo © Joan Marcus) In Living Out, Lisa Loomer has crafted an entertaining and thoughtful play that
Four Beers
Guy Boyd and Peter Maloney in Four Beers(Photo © Richard Termine) David Van Vleck's Four Beers is as direct and unaffected
Recent Tragic Events
Heather Graham in Recent Tragic Events(Photo © Joan Marcus) Craig Wright's Recent Tragic Events is being called the first 9/11 comedy. That sure ge
Good Morning, Bill
Heidi Armbruster and Jeremiah Wigginsin Good Morning, Bill(Photo © Leslie Lyons) You can bet that the Wodehouse Society, which held its 13th annual intern
Omnium Gatherum
The cast of Omnium Gatherum(Photo © Joan Marcus) During the anxious hours and days after September 11, 2001, millions of distraugh
Anna in the Tropics
Dale Rivera and Charin Alvarezin Anna in the Tropics(Photo © Liz Lauren) Chicago's Tony Award-winning Victory Gardens Theater announced late last winter t
Cupid and Psyche
Barrett Foa and Deborah Lew are Cupid and Psyche (Photo © Aaron J. Mason) The famous mythological tale of Cupid and Psyche, about
Chekhov's Rifle
Craig Bachmann and Austin Pendletonin Chekhov's Rifle(Photo © Nick Andrews) The veteran character actor Austin Pendleton played Uncle Vanya in one of his