By Brooke Pierce · Apr 10, 2002 · New York City
I feel pretty: Donna Murphy as Helen (Photo: Andrew Kist) It's a big day for Helen of Troy...and a lousy one. After spending 17 years all alone in a hotel roo
By Dan Bacalzo · Apr 10, 2002 · New York City
Karen Kendal and Anthony Mackie in Talk (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Classical allusions and spirited dialogue are front and center in Carl Hancock Rux's challenging
Chicago Improv Festival
By Ben Winters · Apr 9, 2002 · New York City
Chicago is the world's capital of improvised comedy, so it's perhaps unsurprising that the Chicago Improv Festival has swelled in a ...
The King and I
By Michael Portantiere · Apr 8, 2002 · New York City
Carolee Carmello in The King and I(Photo: Jerry Dalia) No doubt about it: Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I is a masterpiece. I've always named ...
By David Finkle · Apr 8, 2002 · New York City
Mos Def and Jeffrey Wright in Topdog/Underdog(Photo: Michal Daniel) The names sported by the brothers in Suzan-Lori Parks's Topdog/U
By Brooke Pierce · Apr 5, 2002 · New York City
Kelli Lynn Harrison, Kate Hess, Lee Rosen, and Amy Rhodesin a publicity photo for Apocalypso! William Donnelly's millennial comedy A
The Underpants
By Ben Winters · Apr 5, 2002 · New York City
Kristine Nielsen, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, and Christian Camargo in The Underpants (Photo: Dixie Sheridan) The Underpants is a fine
The Graduate
Jason Biggs in The Graduate(Photo: Joan Marcus) When Mike Nichols made the landmark 1967 movie The Graduate, he was amazed at the audience response to ...
Fortune's Fool
By David Finkle · Apr 3, 2002 · New York City
Timothy Doyle, Frank Langella, and Alan Batesin Fortune's Fool(Photo: Carol Rosegg) In a season already notable for scenery-chewing, ...
J for J
By David Guest · Mar 27, 2002 · Los Angeles
John Ritter, Jeff Kober, and Jenny Sullivan in J for J(Photo: Rod Lathim) As the autobiographical J for J opens, we meet Jenny ...