The Sound of Music
Amanda Watkins and Robert Cuccioli in The Sound of Music(Photo © Gerry Goodstein) The Sound of Music must be one of the mos
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Ashley Judd in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof(Photo © Joan Marcus) Looking for a large dose of invigorating acting? A jaw-dropping example is the second act of Ten
Nathan Lane in Butley(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) Ben Butley, a prickly lecturer in English at a fictional British college, is having what could only be
Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowethin Wicked(Photo © Joan Marcus) L. Frank Baum's Oz books lend themselves to many interpretations. I've always thought th
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
Polly Bergen and Mark Hamill inSix Dance Lessons in Six Weeks(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Women's fiction is still a mighty force in the market. Publishers payi
Is It Hot In Here...or Is It Me?
Dee Wallace Stone and Ruben Garfias inIs It Hot in Here...or Is It Me?(Photo © Scotty Martin) Because I've lived 3,000 miles from my mother ever since her
Jeremiah Miller, Lacey Kohl, and John Cullum in Wilder(Photo © Joan Marcus) One would like to think of oneself as eager to keep up
Nobody Don't Like Yogi
Ben Gazzara in Nobody Don't Like Yogi(Photo © Alex Ottaviano) Yogi Berra is well known for his career as a baseball player/manager and for his unique turn
Sacrifice to Eros
Caesar Samayoa and Eric Jordan Young in Sacrifice to Eros(Photo © Patrick Q.F. Barr) There's potential in Frederick Timm's Sacr...
The Retreat from Moscow
Eileen Atkins and John Lithgow in The Retreat from Moscow(Photo © Joan Marcus) In The Retreat from Moscow, William Nicholso