Ramayana 2K3
Rich Welmers in Ramayana 2K3(Photo © Rob Nava) Whether tumbling through the air, battling on stilts, or wrapping their bodies around each other in sensuou
Mark Povinelli and Maude Mitchell in Dollhouse(Photo © Richard Termine) Henrik Ibsen's influential drama about Nora Helmer's socia
Auntie Mame
In the great tradition of the fabulous, one-night-only benefit shows that have happily proliferated over the years, a star-studded performance of Auntie Mame ...
Bravo Bernstein!
Audra McDonald and David Hyde Piercein Bravo Bernstein!(Photo © Peter Kramer/Getty Images) For someone who's been dead more than 13 years, Leonard Bernste
Wonderful Town
Jennifer Westfeldt and Donna Murphy in Wonderful Town(Photo © Paul Kolnik) Donna Murphy is doing a marvelous star turn in a part t
Henry IV
Michael Hayden and Kevin Kline in Henry IV(Photo © Paul Kolnik) Strictly in terms of staging, Jack O'Brien's Henry IV, whic
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular had me less than a minute into the overture, when the show's 36-piece orchestra -- having rolled ...
Women on Fire
Judith Ivey in Women on Fire(Photo © Carol Rosegg) When Judith Ivey was preparing to do Precious Sons on Broadway in 1986, she said during an inter
Laughing Room Only
Darrin Baker, Jackie Mason, and Ruth Gottschallin Laughing Room Only(Photo © Bill Milne) The woman behind me at Jackie Mason's ...
David Harrison in FTM(Photo © John-Francis Bourke) "I didn't have a clue about being a girl," says Timothy. Born biologically fema