Invisible Messages
These three surrealistic vignettes, loosely inspired by playwright's Peter S. Petralia's journey across Siberia, make for an intriguing theatrical experience.
Theresa Rebeck's ingenious, beautifully acted new play is about the seedy underbelly of stamp collecting.
Southern Comforts
Kathleen Clark's well-done if formulaic comedy about late-blooming love benefits from Judith Ivey's elegant staging and wonderfully lived-in performances by Larry Keith and Penny Fuller.
Philip Kan Gotanda's play thoughtfully explores the intricacies of race relations, personal fulfillment, aging, and long-term relationships.
Lynn Redgrave's stage memoir about her unhappy grandmother is beautifully written and performed.
The Voyage of the Carcass
Tony Award winner Dan Fogler returns to the stage in Dan O'Brien's arch, unfunny comedy about the theater.
My Name is Rachel Corrie
This controversial work about activist Rachel Corrie is flawed, but likely to stir up strong emotions in audiences.
Marylouise Burke, Brent Langdon, and Kristine Nielsen give excellent performances in Jeffrey Hatcher's humorous triptych of monologues about death.
Sweet Charity
Molly Ringwald's fine acting in the national tour of this popular musical can't make up for her poor singing and dancing.
Losing Louie
Simon Mendes da Costa's cross-generational comedy is remarkably witless.