Cooking for Kings
Ian Kelly in Cooking for Kings(Photo © Mark Crick) If chefs are supposed to be histrionic -- or, as my grandmother used to say, "crazy with the heat" -- d
The Triangle Factory Fire Project
Nora Chester and Francesca Di Mauroin The Triangle Factory Fire Project(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Ninety years before the Twin Towers were attacked, a fire br
Sight Unseen
Ben Shenkman in Sight Unseen(Photo © Joan Marcus) In the theater, there is something equivalent to a pitcher throwing a perfect game. If a playwright has
Nat King Cole and Me
Gregory Porter in Nat King Cole & Me(Photo © Terry Shapiro) Gregory Porter opens his "musical healing" piece of theater with a haunting rendition of "...
Christopher Sieber, Jean Louisa Kelly, and Josh Radnor in Company(Photo © Michael Lamont) The most debated question in film may be
The Wau Wau Sisters
Tanya Gagné and Adrienne Truscottin The Wau Wau Sisters(Photo © James Julius) "Fabulous" does not even begin to describe The Wau Wau Sisters
Light Raise the Roof
Robert Beitzel and Chris McKinney in Light Raise the Roof(Photo © Joan Marcus) Kia Corthron's Breath, Boom and Force Con...
T.R. Knight and Robert Hogan in Boy(Photo © James Leynse) Is it possible for a play to be too well constructed? Julia Jordan's ...
A Streetcar Named Desire
Adam Rothenberg and Patricia Clarksonin A Streetcar Named Desire(Photo © Joan Marcus) Some people feel that the modern American theater is experiencing a
Minimum Wage
Charlie LaGreca and Paul Ashleyin Minimum Wage(Photo © D. Velez) When I first saw Minimum Wage at the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival,