Hank Williams: Lost Highway
By David Finkle · Dec 30, 2002
Jason Petty and cast in Hank Williams: Lost Highway(Photo: Aaron Epstein) Depending on how much Hank Williams addicts crave a fix of the po' boy's music, they'...
The Little Moon Theater
By Brooke Pierce · Dec 27, 2002
The Little Moon Theater The Little Moon Theater -- the latest production of TADA! Youth Theater, based on Irene Haas's ...
Tell Me on a Sunday
By Michael Toscano · Dec 20, 2002
Alice Ripley stars in Tell Me on a Sunday If Alice Ripley keeps this up, we Washingtonians are just going to have to claim her as our own, regardless of her ...
By Meredith Lee · Dec 20, 2002
Lisa Barnes and Bill Tobes in Rapt (Photo: Nancy Opitz) When a play opens with a man and a woman in a bedroom discussing a night of pa
Dinner at Eight
By David Finkle · Dec 19, 2002
Christine Ebersole in Dinner at Eight(Photo: © Joan Marcus) The word "swank" has been in the language since the early 1800s, but it reached its peak in th
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Dec 19, 2002
Ricky Russell, Stephen Zinnato,and Lynn Halliday are Porterphiles (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Lovers of the Great American Songbo
The Mercy Seat
By David Finkle · Dec 18, 2002
Sigourney Weaver and Liev Schreiberin The Mercy Seat(Photo: © Joan Marcus) For Neil LaBute, the longest and most ferocious battle in military history is t
Tommy Tune: White Tie and Tails
By Marc Miller · Dec 18, 2002
Tommy Tune dons White Tie and Tails(Photo: Howard Schatz) Katharine Hepburn, once asked to define the onscreen appeal of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, came ...
Gone Home
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Dec 17, 2002
Kellie Overbey, Josh Hamilton, andChelsea Altman in Gone Home (Photo: Joan Marcus) Not content to bore us with Gone Home, playwright John Corwin goes o
Scotch and Water
By Meredith Lee · Dec 16, 2002
The cast of Scotch and Water When a man storms into a bar with a gun, a drink is the only way to calm him down. Or so we are led to ...