Henry V
Nicole Leach and Liev Schreiber in Henry V (Photo © Michal Daniel) If Liev Schreiber were running for King, I'd vote for him. With his grave tones and se
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Lorna Luft Despite a topsy-turvy family life, it seems that Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft really loved their parents. Some years ago, I caught Minnelli on Minnelli
An Evening of Music and Laughter
John McDaniel Those who insist on thematic cohesiveness in concert programming would probably have been riled by An Evening of Music and Laughter, a recent ...
Tragedy in 9 Lives
Juliana Francis in Tragedy in 9 Lives (Photo © David Gochfeld) Someday, there will be a play or a movie or a book about Andy Warh
Out From Under It
Out From Under It The premise of Susan Bernfield's new play Out From Under It does not necessarily sound innovative -- a woman falls into a coma and ...
Mythos at the Lincoln Center Festival(Photo © Gerald Allon) Every summer, the Lincoln Center Festival brings to New York performan
The Angel Project
The Angel Project(Photo © Stephanie Berger) In Deborah Warner's production of The Angel Project in New York, presented by the Lincoln Center Festiv
Stratford and Shaw Festivals
Jonathon Goad and Nazneen Contractorin The Adventures of Pericles Sampling the summer theater festivals of ...
Getting Into Heaven
Polly Draper, Gretchen Egolf, and Cooper Pillotin Getting Into Heaven As a result of last week's landmark Supreme Court decision on ...
Richard Kind and Howard McGillin in Bounce(Photo © Liz Lauren) As portrayed in Bounce, Addison Mizner is a reluctant scoundrel while brother Wilson