What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
By Holly Hildebrand · Oct 17, 2002
Sisters, sisters:Millicent Martin and Leslie Dennistonin What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?(Photo: Bruce Bennett) What's a poor woman to do when her sister ...
Burning Blue
By Dan Bacalzo · Oct 16, 2002
Mike Doyle and Matthew Del Negroin Burning Blue (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Tape-recorded voiceovers crackle over the speakers at the beginning of D.M.W. Greer's ea
The Water Coolers
By Philip Hopkins · Oct 15, 2002
The cast of The Water Coolers (Photo: Carol Rosegg) The tribulations of life in the modern workplace lend themselves rather readily to satire, but incisive vi
3 O'Clock in Brooklyn
By Philip Hopkins · Oct 14, 2002
Brooklynites Kim Zimmer, Jordan Charney, and Jesse Doran(Photo: Brian Dykstra) Israela Margalit has a lot to say about marriage, and ...
Say Goodnight Gracie
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Oct 11, 2002
Frank Gorshin says Say Goodnight Gracie (Photo: Carol Rosegg) It may appear as if Say Goodnight Gracie is a one-person show starring Frank Gorshin as
A Man of No Importance
By David Finkle · Oct 11, 2002
Roger Rees and Steven Pasqualein A Man of No Importance(Photo: Paul Kolnik) So many blockbuster musicals have been based on what were once considered unlikely ...
The Exonerated
By David Finkle · Oct 11, 2002
Richard Dreyfuss in The Exonerated(Photo: Carol Rosegg) The Exonerated, which was compiled and shaped by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, tries the ...
The Charity That Began at Home
By David Finkle · Oct 10, 2002
Harmony Schuttler and Karl Kenzlerin The Charity That Began at Home(Photo: Richard Termine) In 2002, the name St. John Hankin may mean little or nothing to ...
Antony and Cleopatra
By Marc Miller · Oct 9, 2002
Maureen Porter and DeeAnn Wir in Antony and Cleopatra (Photo: Bob Pileggi) Bombay Dreams won't be hitting these shores for at l
Rum and Vodka
By Philip Hopkins · Oct 7, 2002
Mark Alhadeff in Rum and Vodka(Photo: Gary Breckheimer) Few of us have not wanted to throw our computer terminal out the office window at some point in our ...