By Ben Winters · Sep 12, 2002
Mtume Gant and Chris Messina in Faster (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Adam Rapp is a surrealist; there's no two ways about it. Just when you think he's setting up a n
Anna Christie
By Philip Hopkins · Sep 11, 2002
Caroline Strong in Anna Christie(Photo: Willis Roberts) Though he garnered his second Pulitzer for Anna Christie, Eugene O'Neill received sharp ...
Miss Saigon
By Meredith Lee · Sep 9, 2002
Aaron Ramey and Dina Lynne Morishitaas the war-torn lovers in Miss Saigon(Photo: Jerry Dalia) Presenting a revival of a show that closed on Broadway less ...
Three-Cornered Moon
By David Finkle · Sep 9, 2002
Maggie Lacey in Three-Cornered Moon(Photo: Eden Kellner) Carl Forsman, who founded the Keen Company two years ago, doesn't explain ...
By David Finkle · Sep 9, 2002
While there's something to be said for playwright-director Richard Maxwell, there may not be an enormous lot to be said. This, however, ...
Danny and Sylvia
By Marc Miller · Sep 9, 2002
Brian Childers and Perry Paynein Danny and Syliva: A Love Story(Photo: Christopher O. Banks) There were two Danny Kayes. The one ...
Philadelphia Fringe Festival
By Cooper Robb · Sep 6, 2002
Eli Finkelman in Howie the Rookie In just six short years, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival has gone from a five-day blip on the city's cultural radar to a ...
Take Me Out
By David Finkle · Sep 5, 2002
Daniel Sunjata is up at bat in Take Me Out(Photo: Mark Douet) Baseball has just had a layer of pungent icing slathered on the cake that was last week's ...
Timon of Athens
By Brooke Pierce · Aug 29, 2002
Timon of Athens In a move of remarkable hubris, Seth Duerr, founder and artistic director of the York Shakespeare Company, is ...
Birdy's Bachelorette Party
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Aug 27, 2002
Uninhibited goings-onin Birdy's Bachelorette Party Unlike interactive parodies such as Grandma Sylvia's Funeral, Bernie's Bar Mitzvah, and the ...