A Spanish Play
A cast of gifted actors, including Zoe Caldwell and Denis O'Hare, can't help Yasmina Reza's pretentious play rise above the tedious.
Kate Robin's intriguing if highly problematic new play tackles the unusual topic of sex addiction.
Frank's Home
Peter Weller's uncompromising performance and Robert Falls' elegant direction lift Richard Nelson's compelling drama about architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
The Fever
The New Group revives Wallace Shawn's mesmerizing monologue.
Jason Grote's new play about the power of storytelling is undercut by its self-referential humor.
Varla Jean Merman Is Anatomically Incorrect!
In her new show, the popular drag queen adds a touch of political commentary to her usual array of clever spoofs and outrageous topics.
Garry Hynes' exquisitely cast production of Brian Friel's poetic 1980 drama is remarkably satisfying.
At Least It's Pink
Bridget Everett's "trashy" musical mea culpa is often uproarious.
Wake Up Mr. Sleepy!
Richard Foreman's latest play is completely engaging and vaguely inscrutable.
Estimated Time of Arrival
This collection of short plays by Amy Fox, Lisa Ebersole, Anthony Minghella, and Michael Weller is deftly directed and nicely acted.