A Pound on Demand / Hughie
Brian Dennehy, Cynthia Strickland, Ginger Eckert, and Joe Grifasiin A Pound on Demand(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) It's a bit of a
Fiddler on the Roof
Alfred Molina in Fiddler on the Roof(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Jerome Robbins, who originally staged Fiddler on the Roof, was an advocate of telling th
Sea of Tranquility
Patricia Kalember and Dylan Baker in Sea of Tranquility(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Well into Howard Korder's Sea of Tranquility
Beautiful Child
Steven Pasquale and George Grizzardin Beautiful Child(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Beautiful Child is disturbing. It is also extremely well written, acted
Graham Winton, Albert Jones, Philip Gordon,and Bruce Turk in Pericles(Photo © Richard Termine) To drum up business for Shakespeare
Big Bill
John Michael Higgins in Big Bill(Photo © Richard Feldman) What becomes a legend most, his achievements or the scandals that cast a pall over his entire ca
Magic Hands Freddy
Michael Rispoli and Ralph Macchio in Magic Hands Freddy(Photo © Carol Rosegg) There's a lot to be said for the effect on a play of
Drowning Crow
Peter Francis James and Alfre Woodard in Drowning Crow(Photo © Joan Marcus) It may be that, in adapting Anton Chekhov's The Sea...
bridge & tunnel
Sarah Jones in bridge and tunnel(Photo © Brian Michael Thomas) Sarah Jones made a huge impression on Meryl Streep, and it's not difficult to see why. Jone
Jane Blass and Julia Neary in Pulp(Photo © Michael Brosilow) About Face Theatre, the Chicago troupe that co-developed Broadway's I Am My Own Wife,