Meet John Doe
Ben Werling and Julie Granata in Meet John Doe(Photo © Andy Rothenberg) When the Shattered Globe Theatre Company secured exclusive
Sarah, Sarah
J. Smith-Cameron in Sarah, Sarah(Photo © Joan Marcus) Although this point is not made often in contemporary drama, some dysfunctional families strive to b
Lisa Kron and Jayne Houdyshell in Well(Photo © Michal Daniel) Lisa Kron, wearing a casual black outfit and a shiny helmet of rust-
Barbara Cook's Broadway
Barbara Cook(Photo © Rahav/Cosi) In reviewing Barbara Cook's most recent recording, a Christmas album released in the fall of 2003, I commented that this beloved
Ears on a Beatle
Dan Lauria and Bill Dawes in Ears on a Beatle(Photo © Carol Rosegg) "Don't personalize." That's the cardinal rule of the FBI, at l
Waiting for Godot
Entering the West Side Presbyterian Church to attend the York Shakespeare Company's production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, one recalls the Irish playwright's ...
Pardon My English
Jennifer Laura Thompson andBrian d'Arcy James in Pardon My English(Photo © Joan Marcus) Don't expect much from me in the way of illumination about the plo
Twentieth Century
Alec Baldwin and Anne Hechein Twentieth Century(Photo © Joan Marcus) Alec Baldwin is channeling John Barrymore and Richard Burton these days. Anne Heche
Johnny Guitar
Ann Crumb and Judy McLane inJohnny Guitar(Photo © Joan Marcus) Johnny Guitar is Nicholas Ray's stately-paced, low-budget western in which the squar
The Journals of Mihail Sebastian
Stephen Kunken inThe Journals of Mihail Sebastian(Photo © Raquel Davis) Mihail Sebastian, a Romanian playwright and novelist whose work isn't well known i