Temporary Help
By David Finkle · Nov 18, 2002
Chad Allen and Robert Cuccioliin Temporary Help(Photo: © Joan Marcus) Were Temporary Help a movie, which playwright David Wiltse probably hopes it
By Marc Miller · Nov 18, 2002
A couple of weeks ago, at the Cabaret Convention, one of the performers -- Mark Nadler, if memory serves -- launched into a tirade against Chee-Chee. He had ...
Signals of Distress
By Philip Hopkins · Nov 18, 2002
Richard Crawford (center) and Matthew Gray (left)in Signals of Distress(Photo: © Nelson Rockwood) The troupe presenting the new show Signals of Distres...
Who Killed Woody Allen?
By Brooke Pierce · Nov 15, 2002
The conceit of Who Killed Woody Allen? is pretty much summed up in the play's title. A gaggle of celebrities have gathered together for the funeral of their ...
Frame 312
By Dan Bacalzo · Nov 15, 2002
Frame 312 Ordinary people can keep extraordinary secrets. That's the premise of Keith Reddin's intriguing new play, Frame 312, currently playing at ...
Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway
By Philip Hopkins · Nov 14, 2002
The cast of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway(Photo: Pat Johnson) One of the best things about Russell Simmons Def Poetry J
The Fourth Wall
By Philip Hopkins · Nov 13, 2002
Sandy Duncan and David Pittuin The Fourth Wall(Photo: © James Leysne) With age can come wisdom, but with age can also come irrelevance. What A. R. Gurney
Far Away
By David Finkle · Nov 12, 2002
Frances McDormand in Far Away(Photo: Joan Marcus) Caryl Churchill has seen the future, and it doesn't work. In fact, she views civilization as teetering on ...
By David Finkle · Nov 11, 2002
Amy Irving in Ghosts (Photo: Willy Somma) Ironically, one reason why Daniel Fish's production of Ghosts is so bloodlessly minimalist might be that Fish
Spring Awakening
By Michael Portantiere · Nov 8, 2002
Austin Jones and Bridget Flanery in Spring Awakening(Photo: Cara Reichel) Written in 1891 and considered shocking at the time, Frank ...