Dying City
Christopher Shinn's new play is engrossing, with very fine work by stars Pablo Schreiber and Rebecca Brooksher.
The Cave Dwellers
The Pearl wrests a fair amount of authenticity out of William Saroyan's coarse, creaky, and overly simplistic drama.
The Attic
The Play Company's presentation of Japanese playwright Yoji Sakate's darkly comic play is occasionally effective, but doesn't quite cohere.
Daniel Radcliffe and Will Kemp in Equus(© Alastair Muir) Excellence can sometimes be present within a setting of general mediocrity. Though the revival of
To the Lighthouse
This stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking 1927 novel simply cannot overcome its built-in obstacles.
Los Angeles
Julian Sheppard's play at the Flea makes the now-familiar descent into Hollywood debauchery seem fresh and engaging.
Howard Katz
Alfred Molina gives an engaging performance as the unhappy title character of Patrick Marber's less-than-mesmerizing drama.
Lari White: My First Affair
The Grammy-winning star of Ring of Fire makes a very auspicious cabaret debut at the Algonquin Hotel's Oak Room.
Robert Longbottom's revival of the hit 1961 musical is colorful, vibrant, and extremely well-cast.
Anna Ziegler's insightful drama explores the complex relationship between two best friends.