David Harrison in FTM(Photo © John-Francis Bourke) "I didn't have a clue about being a girl," says Timothy. Born biologically fema
The Beard of Avon
Tim Blake Nelson in The Beard of Avon Concern about the authorship of the plays credited to William Shakespeare's has swirled for a few hundred years. The man ...
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
Ellen Burstyn inOldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All(Photo © Joan Marcus) Allan Gurganus's 1989 novel Oldest Confederate Widow Tells All is 70
Where We're Born
Sara Surrey and Marin Ireland in Where We're Born(Photo © Sandra Coudert) Although there's no indication in Lucy Thurber's impress
Encores! Bash
Jason Danieley and Laura Benantiin the Encores! Bash(Photo © Joan Marcus) In addition to its annual presentations of three vintage musicals in staged conc
Anna in the Tropics
Daphne Rubin-Vega and Jimmy Smitsin Anna in the Tropics(Photo © Joan Marcus) Maybe the members of the Pulitzer Prize committee for plays are cigar smokers
As You Like It
Rebecca Hall, Joseph Millson and cast in As You Like It(Photo © Nobby Clark) In a spate of pre-opening interviews about his decisi
Euan Morton as Boy George in Taboo(Photo © Joan Marcus) Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ira Gammerman made quick work of the Rosie O'Donnell case when he
Bright Ideas
Orlagh Cassidy, Paul Fitzgerald, and Seana Kofoed in Bright Ideas(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) When you write an unsuccessful play and
Adam Rapp Festival
Nocturne(Photo © Steve Hankins) Playwright Adam Rapp does a fascinating if uneven job of giving voice to the lives of disassociate