Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme
By David Finkle · Feb 24, 2003
Christopher Fitzgerald (standing) andJeremy Shamos in Observe the Sonsof Ulster Marching Towards the Somme (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Silence in the theater can in
One Million Butterflies
By Philip Hopkins · Feb 24, 2003
Matthew Mabe in One Million Butterflies (Photo: Narelle Sissons) If David Mamet is interested in American men, then Stephen Belber is
Worm Day
By Philip Hopkins · Feb 24, 2003
Penelope Gioris and Kelly AuCoin in Worm Day (Photo: Carol Rosegg) One wonders what a play entitled Worm Day might be about. One fears it might be a r
Dublin Carol
By Philip Hopkins · Feb 20, 2003
Jim Norton in Dublin Carol(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Conor McPherson writes more eloquently about the loneliness of the individual than any playwright today. His ...
High Priest of California
By David Finkle · Feb 20, 2003
David Mogentale and Carol Sirugoin High Priest of California(Photo © Fouad Salloum) The decision makers at the 29th Street Rep have often looked for eleme
It's All True
By Caroline Burlingham Ellis · Feb 19, 2003
Robert Saoud, Geoffrey P. Burns, and Christopher Chewin It’s All True(Photo: Sheila Ferrini) It's All True is a riveting
Far and Wide
By David Finkle · Feb 18, 2003
James Knight and Lisa Bostnar in Far and Wide (Photo: Richard Termine/The New York Times) Jonathan Bank, the Mint Theater Compa
Requiem for William
By David Finkle · Feb 18, 2003
Diane Sutherland and Taina Elg in "Memory of Summer" (Photo: Heidi Grunner) William Inge, the object of many scornful chuckles since his death in 1973, is
Sleeping With Straight Men
By Dan Bacalzo · Feb 17, 2003
Sleeping With Straight Men(Photo: Kent Taylor) There are moments in writer-director Ronnie Larsen's new comedy Sleeping With Straight Men that ...
Heartbreak House
By David Finkle · Feb 17, 2003
Robin Leslie Brown and Joanne Campin Heartbreak House If timing is the secret of comedy, then the actors in Gus Kaikkonen's production of George Bernard Shaw'...