Swoosie Kurtz in Frozen(Photo © Joan Marcus) [Editor's Note: TheaterMania's David Finkle reviewed the MCC Theater production of Frozen when it o...
Molly Hickok, Dierdre O'Connell,and Rebecca Wisocky in Antigone(Photo © Paula Court) With Mac Wellman, you never know what you'll be getting. Apparently,
Ryan Bronz and Nina Hellman in Superpowers(Photo © Jeff George) In What Every Woman Knows, J. M. Barrie incorporated an eve
Merrily We Roll Along
Nicholas Sattinger, Anne Gaynor, and Michael Hunsakerin a publicity photo for Merrily We Roll Along You can never be sure what you're ...
Caroline, or Change
Ramona Keller, Tracy Nicole Chapman,Marva Hicks, and Tonya Pinkinsin Caroline, or Change(Photo © Michal Daniel) The title pun on which Tony Kushner builds
Bombay Dreams
Manu Narayan and Anisha Nagarajanin Bombay Dreams(Photo © Joan Marcus) The idea for Bombay Dreams is credited to Shekhar Kapur and Andrew Lloyd Web
In Token of My Admiration
Brian Barnhart and Joe Fuer inIn Token of My Admiration(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) The multimedia-savvy Axis Company, with the mission "to present aggressive
A Raisin in the Sun
Phylicia Rashad in A Raisin in the Sun(Photo © Joan Marcus) The first thing to say about Kenny Leon's exhilarating revival of A Raisin in the Sun i
Now That's What I Call a Storm
Marylouise Burke, Rebecca Nelson, Guy Boyd, andDaniel Talbott in Now That's What I Call a Storm(Photo © S. McGee) There's a dead b
Essie Davis (background) andSimon Russell Beale in Jumpers(Photo © Hugo Glendinning) Simon Russell Beale is a stocky man of medium height who looks as if