Rock 'n' Roll
Tom Stoppard's meaty and marvelous new play about politics and family life is full of explosive energy.
Ohio State Murders
Theatre for a New Audience gives Adrienne Kennedy's disturbing tale a mesmerizing revival.
The Runner Stumbles
TACT presents a respectable revival of Milan Stitt's breast-beating drama about a nun's murder.
Cyrano de Bergerac
Kevin Kline is magnificent in this visually sumptuous Broadway revival of Edmond Rostand's classic play.
Sensational performances by Lisa Emery and Lucy DeVito highlight this rich new play that seamlessly combines science and theater.
This musical adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel is well-meant but only an awkward facsimile of the real thing.
The Wooster Group's Hamlet
Director Elizabeth LeCompte and company brilliantly deconstruct Shakespeare's masterpiece, as filtered through Richard Burton's 1964 production.
This family-friendly new show from Cirque du Soleil has many exciting moments, but it's too slowly paced.
The Receptionist
The flawless Jayne Houdyshell leads the cast of Adam Bock's chilling contemporary allegory.
Jim Knable's trying, overlong play concerns a woman who finds a Spanish conquistador on her living room couch.