Reconstructing Mama
This new musical about a dysfunctional family is an odd and unsuccessful combination of the unrealistic and the arch.
Cirque du Soleil's entertaining new show is a return to traditional circus roots.
Summer Shorts: Part A
This quartet of new plays by Warren Leight, Leslie Lyles, Eduardo Machado, and Michael Domitrovich prove to be dispiriting.
Human Error
Tim Guinee, Meg Gibson, and Ray Anthony Thomas give exemplary performances in Keith Reddin's well-crafted and emotionally effective one-act play.
Michael Hollinger's play about a string quartet is unarguably theater at its finest.
Tings Dey Happen
Dan Hoyle's solo piece about Nigerian oil politics is undercut by his minstrel-like performance and manic pacing.
Frenchie Davis is absolutely perfect as Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in Hartford Stage's production of Tom Stolz's workman-like bio musical.
The Troubadours turn Shakespeare's tale of murder and mayhem into a music-filled comedy that will delight even the grumpiest theatergoer.
The Hanging of Razor Brown
Le Wilhelm's socially conscious Southern drama plays like imitation Tennessee Williams.
Ilan Hatsor's tense drama about three Palestinian brothers gets a skillful production.