Holiday Inn

The classic film that brought "White Christmas" into popular culture is onstage for the first time.

Lennon: Through a Glass Onion

If the walrus was Paul, who was John? This show attempts to answer.

Bright Star

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's new musical shines a warm light over dark family dealings.


A new musical from Hunter Bell, Eli Bolin, and Lee Overtree explores the creation of Found magazine.

Outside Mullingar

John Patrick Shanley's offbeat romantic comedy travels from Broadway to Jersey for a regional mounting at George Street Playhouse.


Yes, there's a real Jacuzzi on stage. No, that's not nearly the most fascinating thing about this play.

While I Yet Live

Family drama is on the menu as Tony winner Billy Porter invites us into his childhood home in Pittsburgh.


Someone's in the kitchen with Soho Rep. (and The Play Company).

Bad With Money

Ben Rimalower brings his latest confessional to The Duplex.

It's Only a Play

Big stars spend two hours and 40 minutes talking about less famous people in this revival of Terrence McNally's self-aware backstage comedy.