Meet Jenny Sterlin and Brendan Titley, the Other Two Actors in Alan Cumming's Solo Macbeth
By David Gordon · Apr 17, 2013 · New York City
It may surprise some audience members to realize that Alan Cumming's solo Macbeth, currently running at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, isn't actually a solo show. Cumming is joined ...
Rita Wilson Takes on Broadway's Nightclub, 54 Below
By David Gordon · Apr 14, 2013 · New York City
If you've seen It's Complicated or Sleepless in Seattle or Girls, you'll know her as an actress, but Rita Wilson is also an accomplished singer. After releasing her ...
Kerry Butler on her Serendipitous Role in The Call
By Hayley Levitt · Apr 12, 2013 · New York City
Kerry Butler is officially more than just a Broadway beltress. It turns out that if you strip away her roller skates, hairspray, and eleven o'clock number, you find an honest-to-goodness ...
Matilda the Musical's Bertie Carvel on Finding the Man Behind the (Female) Monster
By Bethany Rickwald · Apr 10, 2013 · New York City
Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull(© Joan Marcus) For those of us who first became aware of actor Bertie Carvel when he won an Olivier Award for his performance as Miss Trunchbull, a ...
Christopher McDonald is a Lucky Guy on Broadway
By David Gordon · Apr 9, 2013 · New York City
You might know him as golf pro Shooter McGavin. It's possible you could recognize him as greaser Goose McKenzie. He might even bear some resemblance to former Attorney General Harry M. ...
Marin Ireland Cuts to the Heart of Broadway's The Big Knife
By Hayley Levitt · Apr 8, 2013 · New York City
Marin Ireland, successful stage, film, and television actress, has traded one Homeland for another. After inducing several water-cooler moments as the suicidal terrorist Aileen Morgan ...
Sleeping Rough Off-Broadway With Tony Award-Nominated Director Sam Buntrock
By David Gordon · Apr 5, 2013 · New York City
Sam Buntrock(© Joseph Marzullo / WENN) In 2008, Sam Buntrock took Broadway by storm with his innovative revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's Pulitzer Prize-winning musical
Robert Redford's Broadway Beginnings and His Latest Film, The Company You Keep
By Ellis Nassour · Apr 5, 2013 · New York City
Robert Redford in The Company You Keep© Sony Pictures Classics After an absence onscreen for six years and as director for three years, two-time Oscar winner and Kennedy ...
Putting Katrina On Stage
By Emma Grimsley · Mar 28, 2013 · New York City
The bisected porch and living room of a Katrina-ravaged New Orleans home sits on stage at the Contemporary Arts Center's Freeport-McMoRan Theater. It's a sight with which many in the audience ...
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Game of Thrones Star Ciarán Hinds is Not Funny
By Kimberly Kaye · Mar 26, 2013 · New York City
Ciarán Hinds in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof(© Joan Marcus) "Don't explain it in that little section below the headline," Ciarán Hinds instructs while ...