Why She Would Not and The Gadfly

Opened Dec 14, 2009
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Why She Would Not: An out of work young man who has saved a young woman from being robbed becomes a mighty tycoon in her father's business but she won't marry him. Why? Five writers were invited to tell us their version of George Bernard Shaw's unfinished final play by writing their own final scene: famed playwright Israel Horovitz and New York theatre critics David Cote, Michael Feingold, Jeremy McCarter and Robert Simonson. The Gadfly: Adapted by Shaw from an 1897 novel, this little play dips into the world of treacherous spies, powerful and manipulative men of the church, dashing young men, hot blooded women, politics and, of course, the promise of sex!

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Jim Brochu, Donna Lynne Champlin, Mara Davi, et al. Set for Project Shaw's Why She Would Not - Nov 30, 2009

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