Urban Voices: A Political Cabaret



An informal and intimate evening that brings together a new generation of urban cultural 'agents provocateurs' who will rock the house with their humorous, passionate, irreverent and provocative poetry, music and theater. FEATURING: Danny Hoch - Considered one of the first artists to bridge Hip-Hop & Theatre, Danny Hoch's work has focused mainly on New York City's outer borough residents and members of the Hip-Hop Generation. His monologues and solo theatre weave polycultural urban language that transcends plot, character and background and deals with heavy political and social issues through irony-laden humoristic dramatic writing. Rennie Harris - Committed to providing audiences with a sincere view of the essence and spirit of hip-hop, Harris' work encompasses the diverse and rich African-American traditions of the past, while simultaneously presenting the Voice of a new generation through its ever-evolving interpretations of dance. Carl Hancock Rux - Writer, musician, and provocateur, Carl Hancock Rux will read from his novel "Asphalt" (Simon & Schuster) and perform short excerpts from his work-in-porgress performance "Mycenaean", accompanied by Jaco van Schalkwyk on laptop. MC Suheir Hammad - A poet, who hails from Brooklyn, Hammad has been called 'a new voice with an authentic blend of language that's her own, and music that belongs to the streets'

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