Transfix: Site-Specific Urban Interactive Performance

3hr. 30min.


Vessel transforms the street into a stage, providing stillness, a moment of calm in this fast-paced transnational urban landscape of information overload. Transfix provides a moment of reflection that is necessary in this time of political turmoil. As artists, they feel it is their responsibility to act in this time where their voices and opinions have been muted. Through theatrical language and silent movement they express what words cannot. Merging the everyday with the theatrical, Transfix investigates the permanence of urban architecture with the ephemerality of performance by weaving in and around the site-specific urban architectural spaces, transforming the street into a stage, revealing the poetry and beauty of the mundane. Transfix is a collaborative, interactive urban intervention where the passerby, not expecting to see a performance stops in their tracks, transfixed. Part of The UnConvention: An American Theater Festival. No Reservations Necessary

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