Toby Tobias - Journey from Johannesburg

1hr. 15min.


Toby is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer who hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. His story starts in Apartheid South Africa, where he was brought up in a traditional Jewish household. He lived through the tumult of minority white rule and witnessed the brutality of the white South African government. Toby moved to Israel at the age of 19 where he met his future American-born wife. He moved from Jerusalem with his family to New York in 1988 to continue his musical journey.

His show, 'Journey from Johannesburg', tells the story of his journey through 3 continents and three countries and takes the form of his original songs being interspersed with small vignettes about his life growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa and his subsequent time living in Jerusalem, Israel and finally to Northport, Long Island, where Toby currently lives.

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