Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition



Nice exhibit

The exhibit was very nice, but I agree that the price was high for the amount of time it takes to see the artifacts. My only complaint about the exhibit is that the large groups of young people on school trips were not supervised adequately. Some of them behaving so poorly it became impossible to enjoy the experience. Staff at the exhibit tell me that the best time to come is about 8pm , thus avoiding the large groups of school age children.

RE:Great Exhibit!

This exhibit was amazing the only problem was with the price. I had originally printed out the voucher for tickets when they were $19.50 each which meant they were $15.50 after the discount. Instead they charged me the new rate of $24.50 which should have been $20.50 each as advertised but instead they charged me $22.32 each which was the price with tax. This was a little frustrating, but overall the exhibit was very nice.