Think Africa!

1hr. 30min.


Choreographer Karole Armitage is back to inspire and engage audiences with her Think Africa! dance performance - a festive fusion of dance and live music from the West African tradition. Armitage Gone! Dance will excerpt her popular ballet Itutu, a uniquely modern synthesis of new and old, pop and tradition. "Itutu" translates as "cool" in Yoruba. "To me, cool does mean grace under pressure," Ms. Armitage says. "It is an attitude of behavior in the world, of a kind of dignity and rigor in the face of whatever you come up against." Itutu creates a world without borders and offers audiences a lively and novel experience with dance. As part of Think Africa!, Armitage will engage in a dialogue with Dance Theater of Harlem's Virginia Johnson, composer Lukas Ligeti and singer/dancer Mai Lingani on the importance of the African aesthetic.

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