The Ring: The Operatic Era Laboratory

Opened Jan 23, 2002
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Target Margin Theater continues to ponder the question "What is opera?" by presenting its annual winter Lab examining Richard Wagner's The Ring. The Lab, called The Ring: The Operatic Era Laboratory, is comprised of five original pieces created by Target Margin members that attempt to crack the myth of The Ring, Wagner's opera set in a fantastic world where humans, gods, and mythic creatures battle over love, power, and magical artifacts, including the cursed Ring. The Productions: Ring Cycle - 1/25 at 7:00pm, 1/26 at 9:00pm, 1/28 at 7:00pm, 2/1 at 7:00pm, 2/3 at 7:00pm, 2/4 at 9:00pm Siegfried's Nerve - 1/29 at 7:00pm, 1/30 at 7:00pm, 2/2 at 9:30pm, 2/3 at 3:00pm, 2/6 at 9:00pm, 2/9 at 7:00pm Uber - 1/23 at 7:00pm, 1/24 at 7:00pm, 1/25 at 9:00pm, 1/26 at 7:00pm, 1/31 at 9:00pm, 2/2 at 3pm Boca - 1/31 at 7:00pm, 2/1 at 9:30pm, 2/2 at 7:00pm, 2/7 at 9:00pm, 2/8 at 9:00pm, 2/9 at 3:00pm Valkyrie or: What Happens When A Good-Natured Goddess Goes Bad - 2/4 at 7:00pm, 2/6 at 7:00pm, 2/7 at 7:00pm, 2/8 at 9:30pm, 2/9 at 9:30pm, 2/10 at 3:00pm Additional special events occur on January 27 and February 5 at 7:00pm.

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