The Respect Sextet plays the music of Misha Mengelberg

Opened Oct 7, 2010
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Misha Mengelberg--that august Dutch master--has been a musical touchstone for The Respect Sextet since its earliest days, in 2001, when they held a weekly gig at a coffeeshop in Rochester, NY. Mengelberg's music, in all its variation (tightly-composed works and loose-knit jaunts; genre-bending and genre-affirming pieces; humorous, absurd ditties and austere contrapuntal fugues), as well as his penchant for "instant composing" (both in smaller-group contexts and within his glorious ICP Orchestra) have been--and remain--constant sources of inspiration for Respect. For this very special celebration at Joe's Pub, Respect will dig deep into its roots and pull some of their favorite Mengelberg pieces from over the years, presenting an evening of his music with reverential energy and passionate hilarity.

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