The Great Organ: Great Artists



The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine's inaugural season of The Great Organ: Great Artists spotlights the world's leading organists and includes performances by the following: GERRE HANCOCK Tuesday, October 6 Professor of Organ and Sacred Music, University of Texas, Austin Former Organist and Master of The Choristers, Saint Thomas Church, New York City OLIVIER LATRY Tuesday, October 13 Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris Professor of Organ, Conservatoire de Paris MARILYN KEISER Tuesday, October 20 Chancellor's Professor of Music, Indiana University>br/> Former Organist and Director of Music, All Souls Parish, Asheville, North Carolina PETER CONTE Tuesday, April 13 Grand Court Organist, John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia Choirmaster and Organist, St. Clement's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia THIERRY ESCAICH Tuesday, April 20 Église St Etienne-du-Mont, Paris Professor of Music, Conservatoire de Paris DANIEL ROTH Tuesday, April 27 Église Saint-Sulpice, Paris Professor of Organ, Musikhochschule, Frankfurt am Main

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