The Great Game: Afghanistan



The Great Game

I only saw Parts 2 & 3 but this is really what contemporary drama can all be about. It portrays, in a series of shortish playlets, dramatizations of events, probably somewhat based on actual events, which show graphically how complex and history-wracked this area is. Whether or not you feel we should or shouldnt be in the country, this will help you to form a sensible opinion as well as seeing excellent drama, very well performed indeed by a strong cast and effective settings. Sure, some of the short plays may over-run their effect a bit but the whole is moving and carries a big impact.

RE:A must see! An eye opener for Americans.

Yes, if you see all three plays, its long and at times tiring and demanding of you as an audience member . But its well worth it. It cetainly opened my eyes to this misunderstood and complex country and its people who have been the true victims of foreign greed and corruption. The actors are truly amazing and the plays although uneven in quality and content are interesting, disturbing, and relevant. See it! You wont regret it.