The Diary Of A Madman

2hr. 10min. (1 intermission)


The Diary of a Madman in its US Premiere By Nikolai Gogol Adapted by David Holman with Neil Armfield & Geoffrey Rush Belvoir Directed by Neil Armfield A burnt-out paper-pusher who ekes out a meager living in czarist St. Petersburg, Poprischin spends his days doing menial tasks, anxious and teetering on the brink of lunacy. Or is it lucidity? Immobilized by a rigid social hierarchy, Poprischin cuts adrift from reality: hallucinating a canine love affair, imagining himself well above his station, and conjuring entire realms both incredible and terrifying. Deeper and deeper he sinks into delusion, and--thanks to astonishing performances of Rush and breakthrough Australian actress Yael Stone (2011 Sydney Theater Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Diary of a Madman)--we, too, are eventually subsumed by a world in which reality is, at best, relative.

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