The Colors Of Love

1hr. 30min.


The Colors of Love confronts and discusses issues that are prevalent in relationships, some of which may be considered to be taboo. Providing a window for viewers to take a first hand look into such an intimate world of couples. The Colors of Love introduces the audience to 4 drastically different couples at different phases in their relationships. The audience gets to see the drastic turns that each couple starts to take on their journey as they are faced with different challenges and in the end each couple is face with the choice of will they or won't they?

The first couple, Angela Brown and Jeffery Blackman are the young couple still in the honeymoon phase. The second couple Mark and Valerie Pinkett are a happily married couple whom are yet to start a family of their own. Couple number three are James Rojo and Britney Green a couple in a serious relationship but are not yet married both are working through personal conflicts through their seemingly perfect relationship. The last couple are Frank and Melissa Grayson, a very successful and career oriented couple that have been together since their college days looking for new life in their marriage.

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