The Bobs in Concert



In a brand new show, The Bobs in Concert, The Bobs showcase music from their most recent CD - their 14th - called "Get Your Monkey Off My Dog," which was named one of the Top 25 Independent CD's of 2008.  (By whom, we don't know.)  The legendary group, which has been together since 1981 - think Manhattan Transfer on, uh, helium - was also the subject of a recent documentary, "Sign My Snarling Movie: 25 Years of The Bobs."  That's right, they've been around since before your daughter went to college.  But somehow this barbershop quartet always manages to seem relevant, and hip. even proclaimed them to be "amazing... ear candy of the best kind!" To quote another recent review, "At an age when most surviving pop groups grind out a living with warmed over retreads of greatest hits, the Bobs still shine, breaking new ground each time they tunnel out of the sanatorium.  The twin keys to the group's creative safe deposit box are unflagging dedication to vocal excellence and utter disregard for everything else. The Capitol Steps are occasionally as funny, and the Roches and the Mockingbirds sometimes achieve similar a capella excellence."

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