Ten Chimneys



Amusing and well acted but little depth

This play does provide two hours of cheerful entertainment. It provides some insights into the personae of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne; there are some interesting story lines including one involving Uta Hagen's possible threat to Lunt and Fontanne's marriage and another involving Lunt's possible continued homosexual longing for his old college roommate; and there is some clever repartee between the principals. But the playwright may have bitten off more than he could chew: none of the play's many themes are fully developed and one leaves the theatre mildly disappointed that one has not seen the less intricate but more developed play that might have been written. All of the actors are to be commended for their performances but the one standout for me was Michael McCarty as Sydney Greenstreet. I have posted an expanded version of this review and reviews of several other Broadway, off Broadway, and off off Broadway plays on my blog www.aseatontheaisle.blogspot.com.