Steven Fales: Who's Your Daddy?



RE:Who's Your Daddy

This play was seen on 11/28/10 in the Abingdon Theater Arts Complex Chelsea NYC: This is now the third time I have seen ex-Mormon, Steven Fales, perform and I am still not sold on his ability to write or perform his own works. I was lucky enough to get to hear a first reading of this production ? so this was a very rough draft! Fales strength lays in his first person experiences with being a husband, son & father. His true to life stories about his family, coming?out, divorce, child custody issues and medical complications are simply put, amazing. BUT he has a tendency to write dream sequences into his plays where he has conversations seeking, and getting, approvals/ validations from imaginary or long past friends & family members, which he never obtained during the course of his lifetime. The play ran long and after 2 hours the remaining unread pages were summarized thus ending the play. It?s obvious that Fales still has a lot of editing to do, to bring the play back to a reasonable time frame. It will be interesting to see what the final product, he actually brings to the stage, will look like but, as written, I don?t think that I would be willing to sit through this mess again.