Slamm!! Featuring Carmine Appice at BB Kings

Opened Sep 12, 2008
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Created by legendary drummer Carmine Appice, Slamm!! is an exhilarating, physically combustible drum show featuring 4 incredible slammin' young drummers, and the rock master, Carmine Appice. You've seen Carmine play with Ozzy, Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck. Now watch him and the SLAMM cast pound drums, buckets, drain pipes, oil cans and kegs into an irresistibly rockin' show. The other members of SLAMM are: New Orleans drummer, Marc "Voodoo" Joseph. Former Stomp member, Zoilo "Zman". Chomp drummer, Mad Matty Alger and Speed Metal virtuoso, Veronica Bellino. "Stomp on steroids" ....The Radio Chick.

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