Repast Baroque Concert: Naked in the River

Opened Oct 26, 2012
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Potent images of the natural world, desire, sex, sensation, emotion, and magic pervade the song repertoire of seventeenth-century England. Matching exquisite tune to poignant poetry, Henry Lawes, John Wilson, and Henry Purcell created a repertoire that rivals the German Lied or the great American Songbook for subtle yet irresistible expression of our most potent and tender emotions. Instrumental music of the period covers the same ground with wordless metaphor. Soprano Laura Heimes and violinist Claire Jolivet will join the regular members of Repast Baroque (see below) in a program of chamber music and songs addressed to the listener's most secret longings and fears. Amelia Roosevelt, Baroque Violin John Mark Rozendaal, Baroque Cello Avi Stein, Harpsichord

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