Peter & The Wolf

Opened Dec 13, 2008
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In 1936, Prokofiev was commissioned to write a light-hearted piece for children that would introduce the instruments and sounds of the orchestra. Prokofiev was highly excited about this project, though it did not pay much. He was given a libretto, but he didn't like it, so he came up with a whole new story himself. The music was completed in a week. Peter & The Wolf was the result, and it is a work still loved by children and adults alike.The story tells how young Peter, against his grandfather's will, opens the backyard gate, ventures into the big green meadow, and ultimately manages to liberate the village from the scary wolf. Peter captures the wolf with the help of his animal friends and hands him over to the hunters, with the specific request - to take the wolf to the zoo. The music is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by adults, and its moral - you can't be a hero if you don't take risks - delights children as it must have cheered the Russian composer. Narrated by Isaac Mizrahi.


Isaac Mizrahi to Narrate Guggenheim's Peter & the Wolf - Nov 21, 2008

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