Paul Taylor Dance Company

Opened Feb 22, 2011
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The Paul Taylor Dance Company's 2011 New York Season at City Center includes: Tuesday, February 22, 7pm Gala: Esplanade, Three Dubious Memories*, Oh, You Kid! Wednesday, February 23, 7pm: Brief Encounters, The Word, Arden Court Thursday, February 24, 7pm: Arden Court, Brief Encounters, Black Tuesday Friday, February 25, 8pm: Polaris, Phantasmagoria*, Cloven Kingdom Saturday, February 26, 3pm: Polaris, The Word, Also Playing Saturday, February 26, 8pm: Dust, Three Dubious Memories*, Cloven Kingdom Sunday, February 27, 3pm: Polaris, Phantasmagoria*, Cloven Kingdom Sunday, February 27, 7pm: Also Playing, Dust, Esplanade Tuesday, March 1, 7pm: Speaking in Tongues, Black Tuesday Wednesday, March 2, 7pm: Company B, Phantasmagoria*, Promethean Fire Thursday, March 3, 7pm: Orbs, Promethean Fire Friday, March 4, 8pm: Speaking in Tongues, Esplanade Saturday, March 5, 3pm: Arden Court, Three Dubious Memories*, Cloven Kingdom Saturday, March 5, 8pm: Phantasmagoria*, The Word, Company B Sunday, March 6, 3pm: Orbs, Company B Sunday, March 6, 7pm: Also Playing, Three Dubious Memories*, Promethean Fire

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Paul Taylor Dance Company: Black Tuesday - Feb 25, 2011

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