Off A Bridge Venue and Location

Dixon Place
161 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002
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Dixon Place

161 Chrystie St New York, NY 10002


Mama Rose
Creatures of Habit
Insomnia in Space
Around the World in 80 Years
Hobo Grunt Cycle
Dead Puppet Society
The Future Mrs. Harry Windsor
No Need For Seduction
Naked In Alaska
I Am An Opera
The Net
One Breath, Then Another: An Interactive Solo Show
The Further Adventures of the Accidental Pundette
The Curators' Piece (A Trial Against Art)
Dick Whittington: A Xmas Panto for NYC
Missing Person(s)
Off A Bridge
The Material World
The Fickle Mistress
Inside Vickie & Nickie!
Giding the Lonely
The Peripherals
Lunatic Cunning
Butters Papi Presents: Madhatters Cabaret's Sancocho Soul
Special Preview: Detour
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret
Spring Alive
Girl Crush
Artificial Afrika
Leakey's Ladies
Leakey's Ladies
The Ventriloquist Circle
3 2's; or Afar
The Homophobes: A Clown Show
Cohen & Sturman
Experiments & Disorders
Genet Porno
Moving Men
Destructo Snack, USA
Puppet Blok!
Dead Spot Followed by Alien Suns
Puppet Blok! An Existential Sing-Along and Three Cheers For America!
The Mystory of an Angry
Puppet Block Gets Punched
Little Theatre
Mawu Group
El Trac
Mr. Aviner's Variety Hour
The Underbelly Diaries Redux
I've Been Elvita Adams
Dystopia Gardens
Cow Play
When the Sky Breaks 3D
Rollerblading in Gaza
I Light Up My Life: The Mark Sam Celebrity Autobiography
Flaccid Penis Seeks Vaginal Dryness
Nils' Fucked Up Day
Anna & The Annadroids: Memoirs of a Robot Girl
Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen At The Movies LIVE! Movie Stars Sing At Last!
Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies LIVE! Movie Stars Sing at Last!
The 20th Annual HOT! Festival
Butch Burlesque: An Evening Of Swagger
Summer & Tokes
Summer & Tokes
Night Mother
Tickets to Manhood
Tickets to Manhood - A Mondo Cane! Commission
Jessica Halem: Bad Feminist
From The Front Porch: An Evening With David Mixner
Christian Von Howard -and- Alberto Denis/[QuA²D] -and- Vincent E. Thomas
Molly "Equality" Dykeman's Comedy Extravaganza!
MaDHaTters CabArEt's: Give 'em Fiya!
Micia Mosely & Friends: The Hotter Than July Edition
Disembodied- A Memoir -and- El Ensayo
America Ain't Ready AND HOMEbody
Dyke-opalypse: Laughing At The End Of The World
Coffee Grindr (work In Progress)
Self-Taut -and- Hard Wear Soft Drive
Lauren M Feldman & Diana Y Greiner/Maria Bauman/Ephrat Asherie/Jen Abrams
Burlesque With Essence Revealed And Friends
Volcano's Birthright{s}
How Brief Eternity and The Matthew Shepard Dance
He Who Laughs: Live
Pete Sturman: Live in The Lounge
Coby Koehl In Concert
Ejercicios De Belleza/Beauty Exercises
Fuck Your Musical
Take the Mic: Hosted By Marti Gould Cummings
The Body Blend Series: Remixed N' Homotized
The Tom Judson Show
The Dog and Pony Show
Nuevo Laredo
Take The Mic
Tom Judson's Canned Ham
The Downtown Clown Revue
The Bulldyke Chronicles
Panda NYC LIVE: An Evening of Performance
The Hey-Ya Brothers Comedy Hour
Belladonna: Body of Words
Little Theatre
Adam Tendler
Robert W. Richards
Mana Hashimoto and Rebecca Stronger
Money Talks with Citizen Reno
Adam Sank: Inside the Comic's Studio
Your Brother. Remember?
Vice Versa
Fear-Mongers: Fireside Chats about Horror Films
Let Them Eat Cake
The Hey-Ya Brothers Comedy Tour
Moisty The Snowman Saves Christmas
A Very MARY Holiday Benefit
Five 'Til (Solo)
Five 'Til (Solo)
Radio Purgatory
Radio Purgatory by TheaterTHE
Enfants Terribles!
Kate Clinton In Lady Ha Ha
An Exclusive Gold Club Member Event
Catherine's 47th Birthday Bash: A Benefit for Peculiar Works Project
Shaheed: The Dream and Death of Benazir Bhutto
Insurmountable Simplicities
The Order of Blattaria, A Kid's Guide to Survival
Uba Bounce
Playing By Air
(UN)Natural Disaster
My Dad's Crazier Than Your Dad: A Scientific Inquiry
The Battle of Spanktown
South Beach Rapture
I am what I am not
Swaha: Rituals of Union
A Personal War - Stories of the Mumbai Terror Attacks
Love in the Time of Swine Flu: A comedy about sex, dating and everything else terrifying
The Beatitudes
HOT! Festival 2010
19th Annual HOT! Festival
D'FunQT (pronounced defunct): A Big D'Lo Show
Butters and Papi Production Presents: D'FunQT (pronounced defunct): A Big D'Lo Show
The Dog & Pony Show (Bring Your Own Pony)
The Ones
Draw The Circle
VERTititGO A HOT! Festival Presentation
A Dixon Place HOT! Festival presentation: Washboard Jungle
Take the Mic
A Dixon Place Special Event: LAVA Loving & Daring
X-YU: A festival of innovative dance from Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia
James Braly's Asylum
3 Femmes
The Launch Event of a New Play Anthology Plays and Playwrights 2010
Seven Card Draw
Puppet BloK!
Julian: A New Musical
Poor Baby Bree in I'm Going To Run Away
In Search of the Invisible People
Chip Kidd presents Artbreak and Special Guests
Callous Cad
The Lost Lounge
Radio Purgatory
An Intimate Evening with Lily Tomlin
Garnica Leimay's Furnace
When She Was King: The Remix
3 Femmes
FIELD 309 and more...
Sissyboy Washes Up
Zipperface!!?!: The Hobo Musical
Bargains & Blood (How To Succeed In Home Shopping!)
Love Money: A Recession Rock Musical
BUBS A One Man Musical
Camp Wanatachi: A New Musical
Dancing with Abandon
Sunday Best
PORN ROCK-The Musical
Diamond Dead
Inferno: The New Rock Musical
Money Talks with Citizen Reno
Uncovered: The Diary Project
18th Annual 2009 HOT! Festival of LGBT Performance and Culture
Jeffrey & Cole's Make It Bigger
The Mattachine Project
Judy Gold is Mommie Queerest!
Old Queen
The Hermit by Edgar Oliver
Ari Gold's Untitled: The Making of a Gay Pop Star
South - A Nautical Musical
Pebble-and-Cart Cycle: one-line tragedies
Martha Wainwright Sings Piaf!
Rat Bastards
S'Kin Deep
You Will Experience Silence
Finishing House
New Work (Git Along Lil Doggies)
Human Jukebox
Say Seaboy, You Sissy Boy?
Ms. Green -- Assisted Suicide
Notorious Beauty
The Flat Earth: WheredaFFFhuck Did New York Go?
Under Exposed
Schooled & Unschooled
Peter Neofotis
Ryan Green & Eric Lockley
7 People 7 Minutes
Experiments & Disorders
Puppet Kafka
Joseph Keckler & Friends - Cat Lady
7 People, 7 Minutes
HOT! The 16th Annual NYC Celebration of Queer Culture
Concord, Virginia
Sum of Us
Experiments & Disorders
QT- Queer Text
Fully Manicured Raw Spots
Simba Yangala
Ice Queens: The Faggot War
Moving Men
Crime or Emergency
Page to Stage (March)
Experiments & Disorders
Body Blend
A.B.L.E. Bodies and Sea Songs
Puppet Blok
Page To Stage
I Love Dan Flavin
Money Matters
Jen Abrams and Jackie Moynahan
Dixon December Dance Series a NYC Living Room...Performing
A Perfectly Frank Production
what remnants remain
November Literature Listings 2006
QT - aka Queer Text
Victoria Roberts: The Nibbler
7 People, 7 Minutes
HOT! The NYC Celebration of Queer Culture
Rip Me Open
Money of the Month Club
Crossing Boundaries
Body Blend
James Sellitti
Naked Stories
The Idiot King
The Ballad of Junk & Malfunction
Eva Peron in the Bonfire
Viz Kidz
Moving Men
Under Exposed
Experiments and Disorders
Habib Albi is...Not a Man
The Ledge
Carmen Borgia: South
Olsen Terror
Life in a Marital Institution: I Should Be Committed
Life in a Marital Institution
The Mayor of Baltimore
The Painter's Project
Help Wanted
Hollywood Endings
Under Construction
The Story of Tap (the Sequel)
2005 HOT! Festival
Tokyo Nostalgia
The Redemption
Finger Love
You Mutha!
The Rude Pundit in The Year of Living Rudely
The Values Horror Show
Nayana's Passing
The Beach Bum Beefcake Bonanza & the Swingin' Surfer Sex Sissies
Still Dancing in a NYC Living Room: Distinctly
Performance Artists...In a NYC Living Room
Self at Hand--A Play 3 Modules
Open Performance Night!
Experiments & Disorders
Land of Enchantment
Home and Other Dislocations
Experiments & Disorders
Now Leaving Vanderville
Keli Garrett's Destiny
Proto-Type Theater's ABOUT SILENCE
Dixon Place's HOT Festival
What Remains of a Rembrandt Torn into Four Pieces and Flushed Down the Toilet
Sara Moore's Hook and Ladder
100 Years of Attitude
Blue Discharges + The Faggot Museum
Boi with an I + The Anonymous Life
Body Blend
Robert Appleton's Tales of a Celluloid Kid
Divine Interventions
David Pratt's November Door
They Want Us Dead + Cell
Brandon Olson's Thriftstory
Danny Zaccagino's Condemned in the Classroom
Dance Works-in-Progress
Operation: Operation
Experiments and Disorders Reading Series
Scotty the Blue Bunny's Vaudevillianaire
Proto-Type Theater: About Silence
Isle of Klezbos
Rodeo Grizzly: a gritty epic for your inner cowpoke
COCKaDoodleDANDY: A Weapon of Mass Construction
F**k If I Know
The Bug Chasers
The New York Review of Science Fiction
Curiouser and Curiouser
All Alone: A Festival of New Solo Works
The Ladies
Anita Gonzalez: Cigar Memories
Re-covering the Concrete
The Wytche of Problymm Plantation
Keeping A Breast
What's Beneath the Surface
Cabaret Songs
Emmy Gay's Tea Party
Hot! The NYC Celebration of Queer Culture
In September, the Light Changes
The Little Frog Catcher
Mr. Kolpert
Free-me-dom, A More Tangible Me
These Four Walls
Soppin' Juice
Rosa (el riverun afora su window esta hablando with voce)
Writers on the Ledge
Mark Mitton's Midwinter Extravaganza
The Story Thus Far
Rumba (is Just Burma Spelled Sideways)
A Slight Headache
Five 'Til
Peeling's Halloween Reading
Uppa Creek
The Moon in Vain
Go-Go Reál
HOT! Festival Party
A.D.D. Theatre/Soppin' Juice/Belly Up
Hot! The NYC Celebration of Queer Culture
HOT! Dance
Samuel R. Delaney/Howard Cruse
You Are Gorgeous & I Am Coming
Mina Hartong/Brennan Gerard/Heather McGhee
Tom Spanbauer
Robert Appleton/Michael Burke/Michael Freeman
Culture Bodega
Homo for the Holidays
In the Ass of the Beast
Suck This, Masked Man!/I Look Divine
Moe Angelos/Emmet Foster
Dark Thoughts
Lavinia CO-OP/ Dred/ Diane Torr
The Ho Show
Diana Shortes: White Sauce and Diaper Babies
Cabaret Re-Voltaire: Starbucks, It Ain't!
Tender: An Evening of Songs, Situations, and Stories About Shoes
Tongue in Paint
Breaker: An Aerial Opera
The Overdevelopment of Scott
Desk/Prehansel & Post Gretel
Clove Galilee and Judy Elkan
Derek Hughes and Stephen R. Cuiffo
Every Hotel TV Plays On
Greg Walloch and Rob Nash
The Twelve Days of Cochina
The Big Lip and other backtalk
Two Steps in the Left Direction
Party Devil
The Propaganda Plays
New Georges Performathon
Centaur Battle of San Jacinto
Blister Me
Moth! SLAM
Armchair America: The Recline of Western Civilization
It's Good Enough For Me
Undercover Mother
Gene Pool, The
Necromance: A Night of Conjuration
A.D.D. Theatre 20 90 second plays