My Way

1hr. 15min.


My Way reflects the classic struggle of man and his ego.

Ricardo was heir to a chocolate factory and although he lost his father at a young age, he had fame, fortune, and privilege from the day he was born. Ricardo lived an abundant lifestyle, never sparing any expense and indulging in all the things that money could buy. Ricardo was surrounded by many people, and was constantly sought out by media outlets.

Despite his popularity, his fame, and his access to seemingly limitless resources, his life was in constant turmoil. Ricardo's invincibility complex fueled his desire to fully develop his artistic talents leading him to believe that he could buy anything.

The last years of his life were divided between the theater and hospitals in a fight to realize his artistic dreams in the face of the disturbing reality of years of abuse and neglect of his health. Although he was adored by millions, he suffered alone, leaving his dreams of artistic recognition unfinished.